The protection of the Constitution has classified the Identitarian movement (IB) after years of trial as a right-extremist monitoring object. This means that the German offshoot of the original in France, founded the movement with the full range of intelligence resources to the procurement of information must be observed. The Observation and the use of V-people counting for example. “As an early warning system, we must not put our focus only on violence-oriented extremists, but also need to have those in view, the verbal play with fire,” said the President of the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution, Thomas Haldenwang.

posters and assault

Concerted action against the media and political parties: state protection under investigation “Identitarian”


The domestic intelligence service noted that the positions of the IB aimed, ultimately, to “people of non-European origin of democratic participation to exclude, and in their human dignity-infringing way to discriminate”. For the IB people without the same ethnic conditions could be “” never a part of a common culture. This is not compatible with the basic law. In Germany, the IB has currently, according to the assessment of the constitutional protection of around 600 members.

conspiracy theory from the “Great exchange”

The protection of the Constitution had classified the IB three years ago as a “suspected case”. According to the authority’s decision was based “, in particular, on the right-wing extremist Background” of some of the activists, as well as your “Anti-asylum-Agitation in the context of Migration”. Since then, the European networked movement has tried with a number of public actions, to gain supporters for your theory of the allegedly politically motivated, “the Great exchange” of the local population against the predominantly Muslim migrants. “This is a spiritual arsonist set the equality of the people, or even their human dignity question in itself,” said Haldenwang. The IB-trailer “speak of Alienation, increase their own identity, other devalue and incite targeted enemy images”.


The Identitarian movement (IB) – here at a Demo in Berlin in July of 2017, according to the constitutional protection of a right-wing extremist

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The boots of the neo-Nazi wearing old-style, the Identitarian movement is. Your protagonists give in to bourgeois, hip, and intellectually. Anti-Semitism and the “Hitler greeting” are not part of the Repertoire of the national movement, which has coined the Slogan “Defend Europe” (defend Europe). In the German-speaking Austrian Martin Sellner is considered the most important IB-leadership personality.

Identitarian movement and AfD to maintain contacts

The IB is on the incompatibility list of the AfD. This means that anyone who belongs to the IB, it can not be a member of the party. This has not prevented some AfD members in the past, but because of the contacts to IB-care for activists to Express public sympathy for the movement. This is particularly true for members of the youth organization of the AfD, the Young Alternative (JA).

protection of the Constitution report

number of right-wing extremists in Germany reached a peak – Seehofer alerts

YES, it is classified by the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution itself as a “suspected case” in the field of right-wing extremism, as well as the right of national “wing” in the AfD. For the party, this is not true. However, this might change, should be the “wings” of the day, the dominant current in the party.

The “wing” and the founder of the Thuringian group, and country Manager, Björn Höcke, were last seen by members of the party, describing themselves as “moderate”, sharply attacked. Some of the critics of the “wings” a lack of boundaries to the right.

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