The protection of the Constitution don’t want to argue with the AfD in a court about whether the intelligence service may refer to the party as a “test case” or not.

The Federal office for the protection of the Constitution (BfV) announced that it would accept the decision of the Cologne administrative court, which had prohibited the authority, the appointment as a “test case”. Instead, the authority wants to focus, according to its President, Thomas Haldenwang on the right of the national party wing and the youth organisation of the AfD.

The court had agreed in February to an urgent application by the party. The action of the AfD is not advised, however, that the protection of the Constitution examines the AfD, but that the office had made this public. This was “a stigmatizing character,” complained the party.

the court Also took the view that the term “test case” to come in the Public a negative effect. This intervention in the rights of the AfD was “unlawful and disproportionate”.

the protection of the Constitution now without a complaint before the higher administrative court in Münster, he established that the questions of law to the reach of the public Relations work of the BfV should not distract you more “from the real issue”. The protection of the Constitution, the President of Haldenwang said: “The BfV is focused on the primary task is to observe the activities of the extremism is suspected of being part of organizations, “The wing” and “Young Alternative”.” The programmatic orientation played, among other things, the Connections to extreme right-wing ambitions, and the public Statements of leading protagonists of an important role. The protection of the Constitution wanted to address “the Public in due time about the progress of this processing”.

AfD-Chef Jörg Meuthen had declared after the decision of the Cologne court, so that the “politically motivated instrumentalization” of the constitutional protection against the AfD had failed for the time being.

A party can be the test case, if the authorities recognize the first signs of extremist tendencies. In a test case, an observation V is not allowed to people or other intelligence agents but basically.

Haldenwang had on 15. January in a press conference made public, that the whole party was for the protection of the Constitution is now a “test case”, the wings, and the Young Alternative would be treated as a “suspected case”. In the case of a suspected case of far-reaching resources to the protection of the Constitution, in order to gain knowledge about a grouping.


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