The defendant in the process to poisoned Lunches in East Westphalia has want to experiment with substances, a psychologist, as a researcher with poison.

According to his impression of the 57 I want to watch-Year-old at his colleagues, as the poison effect on their sandwiches, said the staff of the Psychological service in the prison Bielefeld. “His Statements to his subject appeared to me to be like a scientist who tried, how substances act in the case of a rabbit.”

The psychologist met with the defendant, Klaus O. five times. He should clarify in the talks, whether the man is at risk in the detention center of suicide.

The 57-year-old German must answer before the regional court of Bielefeld for attempted murder. The charges against him, to have years of work colleague with a poisoned pause and drink a health damage of the loaves. Two of the colleagues are difficult to kidney disease, another victim has brain damage and is cared for in a coma by his parents.