In the trial against a dentist because of faulty treatments on several patients want to announce the Hamburg district court in its judgment.

The Prosecutor’s office has demanded one year and eight months in prison on probation. In addition, the physician should three women and a man, which he rubbed off part of all of the teeth or moved, the 9000 euros for Pain and suffering pay. The indictment accuses the 55-Year-old intentional body injury in four cases.

The dentist not or only insufficiently have explained to you before the treatment about the risky surgery, said the Prosecutor. So he needs his special position of trust as a doctor, miss. The patients have suffered serious consequences and significant pain, and other medical errors.

The treatments were carried out between March 2009 and November 2010. After a year-long investigation, the court in 2015, had issued a warrant of arrest, sentenced to the dentist ten months ‘ imprisonment on probation. In contrast, the defendant had filed an appeal.

The defenders saw in three cases, no criminal conduct of his client. For the fourth case, wanted to comment on the lawyer to conclude his arguments before sentencing. At least two of the patients had hoped for the treatment of a “Hollywood Smile”, said the defender. He drew a Parallel to plastic surgery: “There are many things that are not medically necessary, what is not forbidden.”

A 58-Year-old to the doctor on Christmas day, 2009, teeth pulled, in addition to several sick also ten healthy. The woman had only come on Christmas eve because of acute pain in practice. According to the Prosecutor, this surgery was not medically necessary. The dentist should have collected for the eight-hour OP under General anaesthetic 18 000 euros in cash.

A former assistant of the accused had to testify as a witness, the patients would have wanted the radical treatments necessarily, but not to conditions such as a Smoking ban, or appointments for treatment not perceived. The Prosecutor explained to this statement, the dental assistant have played a questionable role, and only you Do, and want to represent your former boss in a favorable light.