the trial of The Cologne social worker Adil Demirci due to terrorism allegations in Turkey today (09.00 CET).

Demirci (33) is, since April in detention in Istanbul. The prosecution accuses him of, among other things, membership in the extreme left-wing Marxist-Leninist Communist party. The MLKP is considered in Turkey as a terrorist organization.

It is currently the only process of this type against a German, the accused is personally before a court. Other due to a terror allegations of the accused Germans were permitted to leave in the past few months, while their processes in the absence of more, most recently in early January, the Hamburg-based Dennis E..

are likely to Currently be in Turkey in four German for similar reasons, imprisoned. Two were sentenced by the end of 2018 already. In custody Adil Demirci and the author, a lawyer and former employees of the Turkish secret service WITH sitting, Enver Altayli. In Altaylis case, there is still no indictment.

Demircis lawyer Mustafa Peköz expected to Demirci’s being released today. “There is no reputable evidence in the file that justify a continuation of detention,” he said. At the first hearing at the end of November a co-defendant had been left, free of charge, which is a similar Offense would be accused of.

at the hearing in November will arrive from Germany, a Delegation of trial observers. Including the SPD-Deputy Rolf mützenich and the Journalist and writer Günter Wallraff.

Demircis brother, Tamer Demirci, said the dpa, that the family was “very excited, but also confident”. The process against his brother is a political process, and the goal of such methods to spread among government critics fear. “We don’t want to bow to us,” said Tamer Demirci. Also, his brother, was optimistic.