foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD), took it easy. “I’m now flown more than 300,000 km without any problems,” he said after it was clear that he would sit because of a Hydraulic claim on the government plane of the type A319 in Mali. At some point it’ll catch up any. “So what, what’s the point?”, as you can hear between the lines. “Is.”

if You would like to agree with the Minister. Unfortunately, however, it is not known to be a quirky individual. At the latest since Chancellor Angela Merkel missed last November due to a defective component in the Registrar machine a majority of the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, it seems every politician who thinks anything to be a part of it with his personal pilot’s breakdown. And so some of you might ask secretly mocking, whether the air force with its announcement, Minister Maas to pick up a replacement machine in Mali’s capital, Bamako, not powerful at all far from the window, leans. Tenor: Well, when the time goes well!


expert for Merkel-breakdown of flight

“We will leave our state with a used-car through the world

roadside flyer: damage to brand” Made in Germany “

travel” most of The victims of the series of glitches (in addition to Maas and Angela Merkel, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Vice-Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, and development aid Minister Gerd Müller) released from stressed. Only Muller, also more of an outsider in the Ministerial team, put the Finger in the wound. The CSU politicians complained loudly about the glitches. They were a disaster for Germany’s reputation as a High-Tech country, he scolded. The loss of the brand “Made in Germany”.

Info breakdown flights of the government and President

In the past few months have seen an increasing number of breakdowns in the operations of the flight readiness of the Federal air force. An Overview:

February 2019

Due to a hydraulic leak on the government plane of the type A319 Minister Heiko Maas is stuck outside in the Malian capital, Bamako. He is picked up with a replacement machine. Maas reached Berlin with 16 hours delay.

January 2019

Due to an air pressure problem on the Airbus A340 “Theodor Heuss” Stra Federal President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier landed in Ethiopia. Three hours of the launch in Addis Ababa shifts.

The journey of development Minister Gerd Müller in three countries of southern Africa is due to two Defects on the Bombardier Global 5000 to be a small Odyssey.

November, 2018:

The Airbus A340 “Konrad Adenauer” Chancellor Angela Merkel and Finance Minister Olaf Scholz on Board summit in Buenos Aires in order to return on the way to the G20 – not because of a defective part has two radio systems to a standstill. Both fly line to Argentina.

Federal President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier endure because of an engine defect, the “Adenauer” for hours in South Africa.

October 2018

in rodents nibble during a stop in Indonesia, an important cable of the “Adenauer”. Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz, returns by line of flight of the meeting of the International monetary Fund.

June 2018:

Due to hydraulic damage to the Airbus, Federal President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier to rise shortly before the departure to Belarus to a replacement machine. (dpa)

This Minister to agree to. After the embarrassment of not being able to bring the head of government in time an important summit, one would have expected special care, so that something like this happens again. Instead, Panne joins now to breakdown – and the trend is rising. No wonder, said the aviation expert Heinrich gross bongardt to the broken Merkel flight in an Interview with the star: We will transport our state with used planes through the world, “because we don’t want to spend as an industrial nation, the money for something New.”

everyday annoyances add

Exactly at this point, the puncture flights are symptomatic of the consequences of what was once promoted as a “lean state”, now in a number of areas, but as a fatal broken save has been debunked. That Germany, once the epitome of reliability and perfection to guarantee, in the meantime, problems that the highest representative of the state in any event, safely and on time to their appointments, has symbolic significance and is registered internationally, for sure, as well as the delay in digitisation, the Crumbling of the world of the important car industry to the state of the Bundeswehr, which is considered by many as a rehabilitation case: we only have to recall the Farce of the galloping remediation costs for the “Gorch Fock” or unsecured transport of soldiers in Afghanistan-the use of private helicopters, since own device is not functional. The good reputation suffers.

For the citizens of the annoyances of everyday life add to the problems of overarching importance – such as the dilapidated condition of many school buildings, in many places, the bad condition of numerous roads, or the fact that more and more bathrooms do not have to close, because they pay for themselves. Taken together, a fatal Melange, which is a breeding ground for political apathy and dissatisfaction, and ultimately in the support for populist forces. In this year’s upcoming parliamentary elections will be a gauge of how far this process has progressed.


In the case of the roadside plane has responded to the criticism of defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) and the beginning of February the purchase of three new machines announced. “This is also necessary, I think, to remember all,” she said, almost apologetically. There is really nothing to be sorry about (more). If something is supposed to work, and must, take money in the Hand. In the army, in the same way as in the case of the Hassles of everyday life.