It was a day in 1997, as the sea otter, Charlie was found on the banks of a river. He lay there, all alone, was just a day old. It is suspected that a storm separated him from his family and country flushed. The Survival of the Otter babies. Charlie’s Finder took him to the Aquarium in the nearby city of Monterey. There, the nurse took care of it lovingly for the Otter orphan child, they fed him, raised him and tried him for life in the Wilderness to prepare. Because the Plan was the opportunity to live wild, Charlie, if he was strong enough. But it should come differently.

Charlie was found as a helpless otter baby

Because as it was, it quickly became clear: Charlie had long been accustomed to living with people. He would never survive in nature. And so the newly opened Aquarium in Long Beach offered, Charlie and the orphaned otter girl Brook. The two sea otters would soon become the best of friends.


Why otters are the Kingdom of the cleverest craftsmen of the animal

Charlie appeared in Long Beach as a friendly, patient and lovable. His peculiarity: He would have to be a life-long fear of storms. If thunderstorm, rained and stormed, searched the sea otter immediately close to his Keeper Robert Mortensen. Charlie clutched at his leg and calmed down only when Mortensen protected him with a blanket before the storm. Perhaps a reminder of his traumatic birth?

Otherwise, Charlie was the perfect “practice animal” for new animal keepers at the Aquarium in Long Beach. The peaceful Otter allowed Robert Mortensen and the newcomers to practice on him how to deal with sea otters and their health monitored. As a reward, the little Gourmet was always Jacob msucheln – Charlie’s absolute favorite food. Also, king crabs loved the little tramp. And of course the nurses got him on a regular basis this delicacy.

The friendly Otter was a tots

In January, Charlie’s otter girlfriend Brook died of heart failure. And Charlie showed after more than two decades, slowly clear signs of old age: He suffered from Arthritis, and always looked bad. 22. Birthday he celebrated, but on the 2. March again, “rustling” – with a cake from the seafood, just for him. On Easter Monday, when Charlie died. He was the oldest one in captivity living sea otters in the world – in the wild, the animals are usually only about 15 years old. None of the fellows said that he was older than Charlie. The visitors and the staff of the aquarium will miss the friendly and clever Otter. Especially, of course, Charlie’s nurse Robert Mortensen. “I just feel blessed that such a magnificent animal has crossed my path,” he said.

source: Los Angeles Times