The British Prime Minister Theresa May will today submit a statement about the procedure for leaving the EU. That makes it a concrete proposal, such as the failed Brexit Deal a majority in the Parliament could get, but is not expected necessarily.

As more likely to apply in London, that May present a roadmap for Consensus. At the end of this process could then be potentially re-negotiations with Brussels necessary, which the EU would have to agree. Only then could again be on the Deal to a vote.

the EU-negotiated agreement was rejected last week in Parliament with an overwhelming majority. May then led talks with the opposition parties and rebels in his own camp.

however, There are doubts as to whether it assumes the head of government with the search for a consensus are really serious. Some observers think it possible that May is playing for time and hoping to win but still have enough MP for your Deal, if the termination date 29. March is getting closer. Otherwise, an unregulated threatens to outlet, with drastic consequences for the economy and other areas of life.