Two weeks before the Start of difficult collective negotiations for teachers and kindergarten teachers, the pressure on the countries grows down to basic improvements.

“Who wants to be the Best, you must offer them something,” said the Chairman of the servants ‘ Federation dbb, Ulrich Silberbach, in the case of the dbb-year meeting in Cologne, Germany. The Federal Ministry of the interior also announced against the Background of the shortage of skilled workers in the public service more money for the feds.

The dbb and the trade Union Verdi, with a requirement of six percent more content, but at least 200 Euro per month more, in the on 21. January in Berlin is to start negotiations with the countries. It is about a Million employees and, indirectly, of the 1.2 million civil servants and one Million pensioners.

the Department of The interior came with the announcement that the Federal officials are paid in the competition for qualified Workers. The objective of the authority of the Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) flights, higher and additional allowances for Federal police for Deportation, but also for all other Federal officials. The see a proposed law on the modernization of civil servants ‘ salaries, announced by the parliamentary state Secretary Stephan Mayer (CSU) in Cologne, Germany. According to the Federal statistical office, there were approximately 182,000 Federal officials and judges.

All of the allowances for the persons Concerned should be increased, said Mayer. “There will be a significant increase in the police allowance,” he said. The Federal police officers accompany the deportation flights should receive a hardship allowance. “This is the Position of the Federal Ministry of the interior, I hope that the other departments are not.” The public service should remain attractive.

the Chairman of The dbb civil service Federation and collective wage Union, silver Creek, called on politicians to strive more in order to uniform conditions for the employees and officials of the public service as a whole. Today is a difficult the Tariff and salary business workers as “pretty funky rocket science”, criticized silver Creek.

The public service is in urgent need of an appreciation of silver, Bach’s point of view, against a rise of right-wing populism and left-wing extremism. This is “democracy in action”. Many people have lost trust in the state. The policy is directed, he said: “If you want to prevent the growing electoral successes of Right – and left-wing populists, then start a program for a strong and effective public service.”

teachers have to be qualified either, or at least in the relevant content tables better grouped, called the dbb-chief specifically.

interior Secretary of state, Mayer also admitted that the officials and in the public service to a lot of Overtime. His Ministry would submit a concept for a System for balancing loads. The Federal common 41-hour working week should not be carved in stone.

Prior to the recent completion of the country employed two years ago had disturbed Strikes, among other things, the school life in many Parts of Germany, massive. This Time, the countries had rejected the trade Union demands are already considered to be completely covered.