Pope Francis has for the first time, acknowledged sexual abuse of nuns by priests and bishops. “I know that priests and bishops have done this. And I think it is still done,” said the head of the Catholic Church on Tuesday to a question on Board of an aircraft on the return flight from the United Arab Emirates. Only last week a high-ranking representative of the Vatican had resigned, because he is said to have harassed a German nun solid. It concern some cultures or religious communities more than others. “It is not a thing, all,” said Pope Francis.

abuse of nuns could “happen anywhere,” he said. Such cases are particularly common in “some of the new congregations and, in some regions”. The Church lace work already “long” in the topic. Some of the clergy had been suspended “” and “sent away”. He added: “we Need to do more (against the Problem)? Yes. We want to make more? Yes.” Name or individual countries, the Pope is not called.

“Sexual and economic corruption,”

in Addition, a number of particularly affected woman congregations had been resolved, said Francis. He spoke to a case of a community from the past, in which women “like slaves” treated. It had gone up to the “sexual slavery” by the cleric and the founder of the community, Francis. The former Pope Benedict, who was until 2013, the Pontiff, have this community of powerful opposition immediately resolved after he took office in 2005. Francis referred to this Statement, according to his spokesman to the French congregation of the Contemplative sisters of Saint John.

Historical tour

Pope Francis visited as the first Pope in the history of the Arabian Peninsula


The Church leader mentioned another congregation, which had made the “sexual and economic corruption” guilty. To have this Benedict XVI investigations initiated. “He was a strong man. He was consistently,” said Francis. The Church should not deny such cases, said the Pontiff.

The abuse of women but also a General Problem. “The woman is second-class,” said Francis. “It is a cultural Problem. (…) There are countries where the abuse of women goes up to the murder of a Woman.”

allegations of nuns accumulate

Recent allegations of the monastery of sisters against high Church had been would heaped carrier in the world. The Austrian father Hermann Geissler was filed on Tuesday of last week the prefect of the congregation for the doctrine of the faith of the Church his resignation, because he is said to have harassed the German nun, Doris Wagner in the confessional massive. Geissler was one of three Office of the congregation leaders.

The philosopher and theologian, he was raised in the Vatican, allegations of Assault and abuse during her eight years as a nun. The now 34-Year-old had been raped, according to its own information, in 2008, of a priest and had this reported to your community leaders in Rome. In the result, they have a Spiritual harassed, he became, at his request, her Confessor. This appeared to be Geissler. He said, “that he loves me and that he knows that I love him, and that there were other ways, even if we were not allowed to marry”.

Catholic hard-liners

Walter cardinal Brandmüller: to be outraged about abuse in the Church is hypocrisy


Wagner threw in front of the priest, moreover, to have once tried to take her in his arms and kiss her. Geissler rejects the allegations. He had been shown a yellow card after a disciplinary process in the year 2014 only.

sisters complain of a “culture of silence”

The Catholic Church is shaken for years of abuse scandals and plunged into a deep crisis. So far, especially Assaults against children and youth were to become known. At the end of February the Chairman of the world’s bishops ‘ conferences come together at the Vatican to discuss the “protection of Minors”.

The Meeting is not concerned with the abuse of women in the Church. Recently the women’s magazine of the Vatican newspaper “L’osservatore Romano criticized” that the Church is ignoring this Problem still. Abuse correlations generally, much of the structure of the Church, the spiritual Power United.

the International Union of superiors General, which represents worldwide, 500,000 of the sisters, defendant recently, a “culture of silence”. She encouraged women in the religious communities to report any case of abuse.

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