police officials need to listen to in their daily lives, many excuses for the Offense of street participants. This here in Austria is likely to have helped the officials, however, for laughter.

As the officers of the national police Directorate Tyrol reports, they stopped on Sunday afternoon a 27-Year-old from the district of Kitzbühel. The man was with his car on a Federal road. Instead of the allowed 60 km/h he drove, however with a Tempo of 118 the street.

As a statement, the man stated that he had just washed his vehicle and he was driven so fast in order for it to re-dry. “The car was really wet,” said a police spokesman to the news portal “Infranken”. However, jet ruled the day sunshine. “The car would be dried,” said the spokesperson.

First aid

Deadly accident: car drivers do not help, but turn to – police

novice question measurement result

The man was allowed to continue. However, he must reckon with a fine and a two-week suspension of the licence.

An 18-year-old novice had on the same day, a similarly ludicrous statement. The officials stopped the young man because he was driving at 121 km/h instead of the allowed 50 km/h through a closed locality. When asked about this, he asked the officials to have not properly measured. His driver’s licence on probation, he is on a provisional basis.

sources: state police Tirol/”Infranken”


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