decades after the Disappearance of a twelve-year-old schoolgirl, the police continued on Tuesday to search for the body in the upper Palatinate. On Monday, the excavations had started at the edge of a forest (the star reported). After only a few hours, the investigators found a VW beetle. The detectives have found the vehicle information, “which may be relevant to our case,” said a police spokesman. On Tuesday at about 9 p.m. the grave to be continued, the police announced late Monday night.

blazing a trail in the case of Monika fresh wood?

Whether notes had been found, and the conclusions to be drawn on the fate of Monika fresh wood, is unclear. A police spokesman said the “image”newspaper: We can neither confirm nor deny that the mortal Remains of the Missing have been found. the of The “Bayerische Rundfunk” reported on Monday evening, however, there is no body in the car had been found the wreck. Where did the information come from, does not write the channels.

piece by piece, would have more than carts 20 forces on Monday afternoon with a thrust, and the shovels, and hands of the vehicle. Also trees had been like, to be able to drive the car out of the pit lift. Whether the Fund in fact, in connection with the missing Monika fresh wood to further Investigate on the car and the pit. At least the previous findings of the police seem to have confirmed. A spokesman, “image”: “We have expected that we find the VW beetle.”

VW beetle in the forest, bury

43 years Ago, Monika disappeared fresh wood – now the police has a hot track

Finn Rütten

The student had the previous investigations, according to the 25. May 1976, in the afternoon, her parents leave home. By witness statements from the time and new evidence the police could keep track of your footpath in Parts and a place to the South of Flossenbürg (Bavaria), where the missing schoolgirl was buried.

witnesses, who have not been reported until now, asked the police to “relevant information” for the investigation of the murder. By the Bavarian Landeskriminalamt, a reward had been exposed to in the amount of EUR 10,000 – for messages that lead to the elucidation of the fact or the apprehension of the offender. You want to motivate, to give information to the police, as it was called.

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