Higher pensions, more Bafög: millions of people in Germany after the decisions of the Federal Council in the future, more money. Also in some other areas of the country summed up chamber’s decisions and brought initiatives on the way:

PENSION: The approximately 21 million retirees will receive 1. July significantly higher remuneration. In West Germany, the pensions to be set to 3.18 per cent, in the East to 3,91 percent. The Federal Council approved on Friday in Berlin, a corresponding regulation. A monthly pension of 1000 euros, which is only based on Western contributions, increased by 31,80 euros, the same level of pension with Eastern contributions 39,10 Euro. At the same time, the Ostrenten continued to approach the Western references. The pension value in the East, rising to 96.5 percent of the Western value. The pension level increases slightly to 48,16 percent.

BAFÖG: needy students get a higher level of Federal assistance. The maximum funding amount increases in two steps from 735 to 861 Euro per month. In addition, more and more young people to get than it is today, the state’s performance. Not more will in the future be credited to its own assets and also the income of the parents so strict, The corresponding amounts are raised gradually.

choice is right: More people with disabilities should be able to choose. Also persons are taken care in all matters, remain no longer a flat rate of Bundestag and European elections excluded. Are affected more than 80,000 people in Germany, for which a court has appointed a supervisor in all areas of life, for example, because they are mentally impaired. Who can not read or write or due to a disability, his voice is not in the voting booth to give, may be supported by someone else.

professional carer: professional carers and guardians will in future be remunerated better. The Federal Council approved a corresponding law. The remuneration of professional managers increases by an average of 17 percent. The hourly rates of the professional carers, care associations, and professional guardians have not been revised for 13 years.

LIQUEFIED petroleum gas: The import of liquefied natural gas will be facilitated. Network operators will be obliged to liquefied natural gas Terminals on their networks to connect and operate the lines. Federal Economics Minister, Peter Altmaier, had announced that the supply of energy with foreign supplies of liquefied natural gas through new Terminals more secure.

CRIMINAL law: In the case of serious offences should be punished the perpetrator under the influence of alcohol, according to the will of the land of Saxony in the future, sharper. So, the limitation should be deleted to a maximum of five years imprisonment at full noise, it is called in an application. Instead, it should be, such as in the case of homicide, in the future, imprisonment of up to ten years.

collective agreements: in view of the weakness of collective agreements in many areas of the country are calling on the Federal government to take steps for strengthening of the tariff order. Among other things, was to consider how the conditions can be improved so that collective agreements declared generally binding.

the transport of ANIMALS: The Federal government should provide according to the will of the countries for more animal welfare on long journeys in third countries. To do this, you stimulate certain steps at the EU level – in the medium should be dispensed to long term, in the long animal transports completely.

climate protection Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, and other countries are insisting on greater efforts in climate protection. In a request to the state of a fundamental Reform of the taxes and duties on energy and uniform prices for the greenhouse gas CO2 is required. The Federal government should be urged to end the climate of political disincentives in the pricing of electricity. The application shall further advise the committees of the Federal Council.

JOURNALISM: associations and foundations that support journalism, are to be recognised, in accordance with a request from North Rhine-Westphalia as charitable and thus tax favored. Background Concerns about the future of the financial pressure on the quality of journalism.