Alph Lukau is the head of Alleluia Ministries International, a Church based in Sandton, a city North of Johannesburg in South Africa. Lukau can do wonders. Or at least he claims that. On his mass gatherings he pretends to heal the Sick by naked laying on of hands and limped back to Go to, so they can push their own wheelchairs to go home.

but That is nothing against Lukaus the most recent “miracle”: During one of his Church services, the Pastor was already in the coffin and the “dead” back to life. A Video of the “resurrection” published by the Alleluia Ministries on the Internet. There, the feat of the boys found Church head, the posing on his Instagram channel with a private jet and luxury sedans, and its Website is due to a prominently placed donate Button apply, however, the hoped-for Echo. On The Contrary. Numerous Twitter Users accused Lukau fraud or made on the action, and the miserable acting of the Involved funny.

undertaker feel of Lukau in

And in Trouble with the justice placed Lukau has now. The funeral home Kings & Queens, Black Phoenix, and Kingdom Blue would have shown the Pastor because of damage to reputation, because he was driving the supposedly dead in a hearse to his worship, reported the South African news site “IOL”. The undertaker would have given to have criminal charges against Lukau refunded, because they had been laid by the representatives of his Church. “They came to a Kingdom, Blue to acquire approach to a coffin, used a sticker of a Black Phoenix, to paste over with a private vehicle, and used this car to leave the corpse by Kings & Queens transport”, – quotes “IOL” of the company.

in the face of ridicule on Twitter Alleluia Ministries International has modified their resurrection story, in the meantime, a little: in fact, the “Dead” was already alive when his body arrived on the Church grounds, said the faith community, according to the South African news site, the “Sowetan Live”. Lukau have only “ends in a miracle, God had already begun”.

sources: “IOL”, “Sowetan Live”, Instagram, Twitter


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