the Last step in the dispute over the name of Macedonia: The Greek Parliament will vote late on Thursday on an agreement for the settlement of the nearly three-decade-long name dispute between Skopje and Athens.

The agreement provides that Greece is the Northern neighbor in the future, Republic of Macedonia, but his name in Northern Macedonia (Slav: Severna Makedonija and North Macedonia). Observers believe that the agreement will be approved, albeit with a small majority.

The conservative Opposition, the civil party Nea Dimokratia (ND), locks however, and could apply for a no-confidence vote, reported Greek media. Then you would have to be voted on another day for approval of the agreement. Your President Kyriakos Mitsotakis has repeatedly stated that he would try to prevent the approval “by all means”. The Parliament in Skopje has approved the agreement already.

Concerned about this attitude, Union leaders have called their Greek sister party, the Nea Dimokratia party, their opposition to the compromise. “The deputies in the Greek Parliament have a historic responsibility,” said David McAllister (CDU), Chairman of the foreign Affairs Committee in the European Parliament, the editorial network Germany (RND/Thursday). The agreement was “a unique opportunity” for Macedonia to realize its Euro-Atlantic perspective. Also, the CDU politician Jürgen Hardt, the foreign policy spokesman of the Union in the Bundestag, said the endorsement: “I encourage our friends in Greece, this result agree with you.” Hardt pointed out that the solution of the name dispute is a prerequisite for Macedonia’s accession to Nato. “This would also increase the safety of Greece. Therefore, the agreement should also be in the interest of Greece,” he said.

The Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, had agreed last year with his Macedonian colleague, Zoran Zaev, in spite of great internal political resistance in both countries, the name dispute. Greece said a rapprochement with his Northern neighbours of the EU and the Nato accession not to want to continue to block.

In Greece is not enough for Conservatives and nationalists to change the name, because a Northern Greek province is called Macedonia. They criticize that, in future, the international Macedonian language and a Macedonian Nation would be recognized.

Nationalist organisations have already called for demonstrations in front of Parliament in Athens on Thursday evening. Last Sunday it was in the centre of Athens to serious riots. Right-wing extremists tried to get into Parliament to invade and fought fierce battles with the police. Dozens of people were injured.