A blue-and-white small house in a quiet street in the West forest. A rural Idyll. Anyone who stands up in this house, hits Olaf and Julia U., two PhD physicists. Until a few days ago, you said that you have three children. Then the police stood in front of her door. Since then, they have to say: We had three children.

your 19-year-old daughter Carina was with a woman named Gertrud C. dead in an apartment in lower Saxony found. The police discovered them, after three other people had been found in a Guesthouse in Passau, killed by crossbow arrows. A mysterious case that made nationwide headlines.

The parents suspect early: It is a cult

Among the dead of Passau, a man by the name of Torsten W. was, Carina had met him in a sports club. is For three years the parents have tried to protect your daughter from Torsten W.. You have been alerted, warned, asked to help. Already in 2016, they’ve filed a criminal complaint against Torsten W.. Early on, she formulated the word “sect”.

Also, therefore, have stated that her parents agreed to have this talk. You sit at the table in front of a bulging file folders. The folder documents everything, what you want to report now. Again and again they will take the individual pieces out as they would have to prove each of your words.


Carina a few years later, after


MOTHER has joined the group The last few years a spit for us to run the gauntlet. Since Carina has succumbed to the influence of Torsten W., and has obtained, that she was allowed to take off with 16 out of the home, since she has cut off contact with us and your entire family, there hasn’t been a day that we don’t for our daughter fought and tried to get her back.

FATHER: Carina died at 19, but it has taken us 16.

What a man Carina was before she met Torsten W.?

MOTHER: she was never a loud girl, rather introverted. But she was not conspicuous or socially isolated. She had a best friend and a first boyfriend. She was interested in many things, liked history, Greek and Latin, and has read a lot, daily newspaper. She has played the piano, did well in school, your grade-point-average in high school was 1.3. She has also interested in politics. When my husband and I considered to us, for the municipal elections, she has sat with us at the dinner table, and we have discussed with passion the election campaign strategies. That all changed three years ago, after Carina had joined the sports club.

How you came to the combat sports club “Scorpion MMA & Muay Thai boran” in the neighboring Hachenburg?

MOTHER: by the end of 2015, there was a trial session of this club for a day of Hiking in your school. It was organized by their wits – and link teacher and a former student. Also Carina to be part of it.

FATHER: you then took a sample workout in the club. Later, they told us then that you would like to become a member.

MOTHER: My first choice martial arts would not have been now, but we thought, Just for a young girls self-defense is definitely a meaningful thing. So we reported at the beginning of the year 2016. And the first three months everything seemed good.

Passau and Wittingen

Five Dead, three crossbows and a lot of open questions


what time is the feeling that the club has a negative impact on your daughter grew up in them?

MOTHER: It started slowly. They told increasingly strange things, for example, that Torsten W. could be massaged away bruises. She spoke about Aura photography, you also had Torsten W. I asked you: What Aura photography is supposed to be? Carina explained to me that you could detect when you take pictures of a person after his death, a glow of Light, how he had died. I looked at my daughter stunned. I mean, my husband and I are both physicists. This theory lacks any scientific Basis. I said so sarcastically to her: Well class, then you can abolish the entire court medicine Yes.

FATHER: Carina was always an intelligent child. That you believed such nonsense, has us confused. And the transformation of your being came from. She took to wearing unusual jewelry. Initially, we thought: puberty. And perhaps a bit of fantasy stuff.

MOTHER: she raved about the people in the sports club, all of which had nicknames – which is why we needed a while, to see who was who. Although we brought Carina, of course, to the Training and picked up. During the Training itself we were not in the you are doing in the case of a 16-Year-old, and she wouldn’t have wanted that, too.

FATHER: Today, I think to myself: I Would have gone but pure.

MOTHER: The coach was called in any case, “Klitschko”, Torsten W. was “the psychologist”. Carina told more and more often of them, we noticed that she was fascinated by the people.


Carina’s parents in the living room in the West woods

©Sandra Stein

What was this fascination?

FATHER: at First, we thought she might be in love maybe at the sports club. Especially after you had separated all of the sudden from your friend.

MOTHER: But that was not it. Today we know: Torsten W. was a good listener and Manipulator.

How it came to escalation?

MOTHER: After a while Carina did not want to go more often than twice a week to the club, what we allowed. She stopped to talk with us and her two brothers, drew back directly, if you came home, in her room, and locked himself in. She no longer ate with us tonight and refused to participate in the family life. You found everything in the club is great and everything at home is poor. As you wanted to, then got sick, and despite the fever for the Training, we have you banned. It came to a fight.

FATHER: but We had also noticed that she had suddenly an expensive phone that you had from us. When we asked where it was, we got no answer.

How did you respond?

MOTHER: There is actually a family rule that says that you respect the privacy of others. None of us will have to dig into the things our children – and Vice versa. But at that time we knew to help us to: I asked my husband to go in her room and nachzugucken.

FATHER: I found the charger for the new phone. And quite a lot of different business cards from Torsten W. With dubious labels such as “Camelot” and “psychologist”. By then it was clear to us: someone takes over the sports club in a negative influence on our daughter. My wife and I decided: Now it is enough.

MOTHER: We turned to the school.

Because Carina was advised about your Latin teacher in the club?

MOTHER: Yes. An English teacher had raised our daughter on a day trip, because she had a strange impression on him. While all the others were in groups on the road, he had observed Carina only all alone. We spoke with the English teacher about their character change. We also said that we are doubtful to found the club, in the Latin had brought teachers.

The Latin teacher commits suicide

How Carina’s reaction was?

MOTHER: she found it terrible that the English teacher had intervened, and was mad that we were in your room. She said: “What have ye to do with my life?” From your Latin teacher, she then got the tip to turn to social services. The girlfriend of the Latin teacher, who was also a teacher at the high school, she went to a youth welfare institution.

Were their disputes so bad?

MOTHER: no. And, of course, we didn’t want Carina to move out. For God’s sake! As for us, the youth facility called and said Carina had with them and no longer wished to live with us, we were shocked. The supervisor said, however, that it could sometimes help if children are separated from their parents. And so, after some Back and Forth, in fact, so far, that Carina took off. However, nothing was better. She told her supervisors that she wanted to have anything to do with us. We would control them and to force drug tests.

FATHER: Shortly thereafter, in July of 2016, took the Latin teacher. In a farewell letter he sent to various media, he claimed that our accusations against him were the reason for his suicide. Supposedly, we would have accused him of sexual abuse.

MOTHER: What have we never done that.

FATHER: Nevertheless, we were caught in the cross fire. The sports club that we had complained to the school, published the suicide note on his Facebook page. Until today, bits of paper on the anniversary of the death of the teacher in front of our door, where you put the blame on us. We decided to press charges against Torsten W., and proceeded legally against the defamation in the network. The sports club was not allowed to spread the accusations, but because they knew already the whole village.


A Video of his group shows, Torsten W. black-robed on a horse riding


How Carina was in order?

FATHER: we don’t know. We would have explained all of this like. But she refused to speak with us.

you had no contact?

MOTHER: no. Since June, she was away from home. In August, she filed a criminal complaint – against us. Due to domestic violence. When we saw the display we were stunned we beat Carina never. The case landed in front of the family court.

FATHER: We told us so, that she was manipulated by anyone. You had this phone, and we suspect that she was about the whole time with Torsten W. in contact. If you ask me, has he separated our daughter is aware of us and against us is incited.

MOTHER: On 24. August 2016 will be a certain amount of Farina C., together with Carina to escape the parental care. By summary proceedings, self-transfer. Mrs C. has driven our daughter to the district court to the Western castle.

Farina C. also belongs to the group of Torsten W.; it is one of the dead from Passau.

MOTHER: Yes. And not only that, she was married to Gertrud C., which in turn is the Ex-wife of the Latin teacher, had killed himself. Us hanging together, it became clear: all of them.

you Have informed the youth welfare office about it?

FATHER: Yes. We have actually informed all over again about everything. We have asked you to pay attention to the fact that Carina is not in contact with the members of the sect and of the sports club. But you told us, you could not imprison a 16-year-old girl.

FATHER: We had no way to reach you. Look, here’s your supervisor writes to us a Mail from the year 2017, a year later: “dear Mr. U., your desire to carry on a conversation with Carina, I know and can understand him well. Unfortunately, Carina rejects every contact with a member of the family and her old circle of acquaintances.” We have always called in your facility, on your birthday, to Christmas. Again and again it said: “sorry, your daughter doesn’t want to talk to you.” Our son, your brother, tried it, Carina refused.

MOTHER: It was a Horror. In our despair, and after the police had informed that they will not be investigating Torsten W., dedicated we Want to the Detective Rolf. We asked him to investigate for us, with whom Carina was in contact.

What he found out?

MOTHER: Carina went to school. In the youth set-up, you should have time on your individual room, but we know that they had the phone. To your 18. Birthday was Carina from a supervisor to drive to the station, where she climbed into a black Audi A6. The control Torsten W. sat, they drove until shortly before Hamburg, and then the two Want to lost. For months there was no trace of her. Then he shaded the house by Torsten W. on the West woods and took photos. It took forever, until the Carina was seen. With a Dustpan in Hand, she cleaned the gutter. Her black long hair hung in her face, it was creepy.


Carina (left) posing with two other women


when did you get the impression that your daughter is in a kind of sect?

FATHER: we have already in 2016, the police, the youth welfare office and the school said.

you Know, what is the role of Carina in the group played?

MOTHER: no. We had no insight into the house and do not know what happened there. Apparently, Gertrud, Farina and another woman lived there with Torsten W. They had two horses and occasionally dogs. Torsten W. left the house and went to drink coffee. Carina is not.

do you Believe that there is a sexual connection between the women and Torsten W.?

FATHER: we don’t know. It looked as if it had gone in the constellation is more about Power and Manipulation than Sex. But also a certain inclination to SM practices, one cannot completely exclude the possibility. What we do know is that Torsten W. let the women apparently all to do. You bought for him, from misteten the stables of his horses, exposed.

How do you cope with that – to know that her daughter is closed in this house lived?

MOTHER: That was terrible, of course. But so strange for someone to sound like that was not in our Situation: Every proof that our daughter lived, made us happy too. Even if it’s strange Videos, in which Carina wielding a sword.

Of the dead in Passau, you’ll learn from the newspaper

FATHER: do you Know the Video?

Which Video?

Olaf U. stands up and brings his Laptop. He wants to show a Video that was surfaced on a Facebook page. Now it is deleted, but the parents have it saved. The father presses on “Start”. It is the Name of a store for Fans of the middle ages, which was last operated in the premises of the sports club, and the concept of “Team Hawk”. The Store is registered to a former student of her high school, and trained there for the young people. Team Hawk called the group that had formed around Torsten W.. Because in addition to “the psychologist” had W. yet another nickname: “Hawk” is the Falcon. The Video itself is a montage of various Black-and-White photos. To see four young women, among them Carina are. All wear black robes. It will be fought with arrows in a targeted manner and with swords. Torsten W. is, he rides with a black cowl on a Friesian stallion.

Although they had no contact with the Carina, not on gifts you. A few weeks ago, they tried to leave the sports club to close. They took, therefore, first contact with the Federal Association of the “MMA & Muay Thai” and had a meeting with the competent national Association. They requested that the club will be deprived of the license but.

FATHER: That is correct. The result was that we were first punctured the tires. By the way, exactly to the day that we go to the national Association of wanted.

MOTHER: But nevertheless, we drove our other car.

FATHER: On Maundy Thursday we sat here in the evening on the Couch and watched a “scene” from the library, when we heard the outside noise. I ran out and saw the fire. Someone had tried to throw three Molotov cocktails under our car. I managed, however, you withdraw.

MOTHER: We assume that it is someone from the sect. Someone who didn’t want us to proceed further against you.

What happened after the attacks?

MOTHER: We informed the police, who came then, and refunded display. But a perpetrator could not be determined.


Julia, U in your daughter’s bedroom. Behind her, hanging blouses, which she wanted for her funeral out

©Sandra Stein

. How did you learn of it, and when you moved a connection to Carina?

FATHER: I read it first in the morning in the newspaper. There it was, the man under the dead come from the Rhineland-Palatinate, in the year of birth matched, Torsten W. I said to my wife: That’s what he is.

MOTHER: at First I thought my husband crazy. Perhaps this was self-protection. As there was more information, I then realized that he was right. Fortunately, the age of the dead women is not fit to be our daughter. But we called the police immediately.

FATHER: It could be that Carina was locked up somewhere. We called the police the address of the house of Torsten W. here in Borod. And also the address in the lower Saxony Wittingen, we knew by our Detective. Then it became known that two more dead women had been found. In Wittingen.

MOTHER: I prayed: please, Please, don’t let it be Carina.

FATHER: On Monday, my birthday, the police came to us and asked for DNA samples so they could match, whether it was one of the dead in Wittingen to Carina.

MOTHER: A day later, they called us and said it was sorry, but it was Carina. Because I worked for the first time together. But you know what I hope? And what comforts me, although there is actually no comfort? My only hope is that it goes to Carina where she is now, better than in this horror house.

your daughter, you have not, as yet, not even beer may have lost them. Where do you get the strength for this conversation?

The Meeting with the parents takes several hours. Both were previously taken. But on this question, the parents take the hands. According to the answers you give now, to have both wet eyes.

MOTHER: In the past years, we have heard again and again, there were things that were just so and the could not be cleared. We should resign ourselves to. But we have not come to terms. We wanted to know, why our child was with us. My husband and I, we did the research herself and tried to leave the structures to Torsten W. determine – unfortunately, without the help of the police. We came to the conclusion that there are cult-like structures around the man around, and we have tried to alert different institutions without success. In the end, we were kept from some paranoid conspiracy theorist.

FATHER: I am also firmly convinced that our daughter’s death could have been prevented, that Carina must not die would have if you had taken us seriously. If anyone in the right direction would have moved. You know, our daughter is no longer to save, but maybe there are still other 16-year-old boys and girls who are in similar circles and still be saved.

you have cleared out the nursery of the Carina until today. She hoped Carina would eventually come back home?

MOTHER: I left everything as it was when you left. Even the Desk I have ich is not cleaned up. I have not washed the Laundry, but I vacuum Packed densely, so you can give the search dogs something to Sniff, if she is dead somewhere in the forest.

FATHER: Oh, Julia, what are you saying? Confess to you how it is.

MOTHER: You’re right. I have, of course, hoping you to come back. Every day I have the.

The mother stands up now and shows the rooms of the Carina. A large and bright room in the attic with a view of the greenery. The bed is upholstered in a floral linen. In the bookshelf novels of Tolkien, in addition to “Tschick” by Wolfgang Herrndorf are. At the Cabinet-ironed blouses hanging in bright colors.

MOTHER: The undertaker said yesterday that I should seek out clothes in the Carina buried can be. I’m going to one of these blouses to choose. Before Carina Torsten W. met, she was wearing never actually Black. Once we had a bereavement in the family, as Carina’s mother said to me, ‘ I think it’s bad, that at funerals all wear Black.

While the parents prepare the funeral of their daughter, the Detective that you had engaged to remain on the case. Rolf was one of the few outside of the group that have seen Carina in the past few months alive. Some nights he dreamed of her. In retrospect, he wonders if you want to more radical actions would have, if he pack would have Carina just in and out to get out of this creepy house. But that would have been against the law. And what if you would have gone back the next day again to Torsten W.?

Olaf and Julia U are happy that in addition to Rolf Wants to finally determined the criminal investigation. And yet, the realization that they were right with their warnings, for you and your family comes in late. Or as they put it themselves: “That we the people are only now seriously, it has cost our daughter’s life.”

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