the background of The “crossbow Case” remains a mystery. First of all, a man and two women were found in a Guesthouse in Passau, killed by crossbow arrows. Soon after, the police discovered two more dead women in an apartment in lower Saxony. A: the 19-year-old Carina U., daughter of a physicist and a physicist from the West forest. In the constellation of Carina’s parents, Julia and Olaf describe U in detail the fate of their daughter.

The high school student was, as you say the star, a rather introverted girl, “is not conspicuous or socially isolated. She had a best friend and a first boyfriend. She was interested in many things, liked history, Greek and Latin, and has read a lot.” A day of Hiking at your school in 2015, Carina had completed a trial of a martial arts club. Soon after, she was joined the club beige and I met Torsten W., the dead of Passau.

In the “crossbow case”: parents have felt the effects of “essence of change”

to come To the event in the sports club, it was at the Carina of a “essence of change”. You have withdrawn from the family life, crude views expressed. The parents came to the conclusion that anyone using the sports club exerted a negative influence on you. Already in 2016, the parents informed the school and reimbursed in July 2016, after her daughter was pulled in a youth welfare institution, also a criminal complaint against Torsten W. The procedure was terminated. And Carina refused to speak with her parents.