The images went around the world: In November 2017, the North Korean deserter niche soldier Oh Chong Song and fled to South Korea. Surveillance cameras filmed, such as Oh broke out in a military jeep and a Barricade, and in the secure Demilitarized Zone in the border area of the two countries raced in the direction of the South Korean border.

As the car remained, he rose and continued to flee on foot. In the hail of bullets of his own comrades, Oh, ran, was hit five Times. Shortly behind the border, he collapsed covered in blood. South Korean soldiers dug him out and flew him by helicopter to a hospital.

The United Nations has pictures of the run:

Oh Chong Song would not hold a grudge against his comrades

Just under one and a half years after the escape language Oh Chong Song on Monday in South Korea, with “NBC News” of his escape published later. He revealed, for example, that he has no grudge against the former comrades have had almost shot him. “In your Situation, I would have fired also. This is not a question of friendship”, Oh cited. And more: “I understand you, because I would have done in their place are the same. He would have been caught, Oh for sure, he would have been either in one of the notorious prison camp of his repressive home country or be shot come.

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Choe Ryong Hae, Kim’s number two is North Korea’s new head of state

Niels Kruse

The deserter served according to the report, eight years in the North Korean army, the decision to escape, he met, apparently quite spontaneously. On his escape, he no longer remembers, apparently, only in part, to his rescue, he was, according to the report. “I thought I would die, as I lay there,” Oh. As they (the South Koreans, Anm. d. Red.) him saved, he would have been unconscious. Prior to that, he would have noticed how a bullet had torn a muscle: “I could feel how the blood ran warm down. I still ran”.

Doctors found the parasites in the gut of the Wounded

The Doctors who operated on the injured, then, said “NBC News”, it would be a miracle, Oh has survived. Except for the balls, the Doctors discovered therefore, a nearly 30-centimeter-long worms in the body of a North Korean – apparently a result of poor Hygiene Standards in the desperately poor country. The parasite had become established in the intestine.

sources: “NBC News”, United Nations (via Youtube)