It was a picture with symbolic character: U.S. President Donald Trump and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron posing in a suit, with spade in Hand, in the South garden of the White house. First Lady, Melania, as well as Macrons wife Brigitte looked to their men, when you plant a tree on the shoulder. The young oak Macrons gift on the occasion of his state visit in April 2018 in the United States.

The tree came from the forest of Belleau, i.e. the place where French and American soldiers a hundred years earlier against the German troops in the First world war, fought side. 2000 US soldiers were killed in the fight against the Germans. “This oak will be a reminder to the White house, which ties connect us,” tweeted Macron a year ago. The French President gushed after his departure from “unforgettable memories” and “a very special relationship” with the 72-year-old US President.

Macrons oak quarantine has survived not

Perhaps the oak is really a sense of image – not for the good cooperation between the two Nations, such as Macron intended. But for the now crisis-ridden relations between the United States and the Europeans. Because, as is known now, is the oak after only a year dead.

Shortly after the recording, on the Trump and Macron together the tree planted, was dug up, the young oak again. The seedling had to be taken, as in the case of imported plants in the United States, in quarantine. There he was examined on imported pests and immigrant diseases. At a later stage, the tree can be planted again. To do this, but there never was. As is known now, is entered into the tree during the quarantine.

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