After the year-long child increased abuse on a campsite in North Rhine-Westphalia, the number of known victims is: it grew from 23 to 29, as the Bielefeld police said on Friday. After the press conference on the case on Wednesday, there had been, according to the investigators, information on possible new victims. The evaluation then led to the further Affected. For more Details like age details not wanted to call the police.

Lügde in NRW

campsite: police received as early as 2016, two notes on abuse – not determined

The investigation of the case in Lügde took over on Thursday, the police Bureau of Bielefeld as a higher authority. “In particular, the large amount of digital data makes it necessary, further experts from other police authorities from North Rhine-Westphalia in the processing to incorporate,” said the Bielefeld police. The allegations against authorities in the framework of the new investigation Commission, also from Neutrality, edited separately, it said.

investigations against police

in Addition to the investigations against the suspects and several of the youth welfare offices, the police in the criticism. Already in 2016, two indications of sexual abuse should be dealt with at the police station lip. After telephone conversations with witnesses, the officers forwarded the information to child protective services. Further steps remained. The Prosecutor Detmold had confirmed on Thursday that also against the police investigation. Since police officers in suspected point according to the code of criminal procedure for the prosecution were obliged to, be a result of this Review right now, said a Ministry spokesman.

After a display in November 2018, of the serious sexual abuse of at least 29 children, had been discovered about ten years ago on a campsite. The main suspect is sitting since December in custody, two other suspects, since January. Also, the distribution of children is accused of pornography. The three Suspects are Germans.

politicians are shaken

NRW family Minister Joachim Stamp (FDP) on Friday, profoundly shaken by the case. He announced that the country will systematically approach and analyse where improvements can be made. “Together with experts we will examine quickly whether and where there are gaps and how these are promptly resolved,” said the Minister.

The family policy spokesman of the Union faction in the Bundestag, Marcus Weinberg (CDU), called for in view of the Case, Lügde, a strengthening of the youth offices of the länder by the respective municipalities. The specific case must be carefully elucidated, explained Weinberg. “But in principle, municipalities are not allowed to in their youth offices staff, whose training, to provide sufficient time for the individual, setting Standards and quality assurance save you.”

“I wonder what’s going on in Germany is wrong, if two youth offices, a man whose housing conditions of the child are well-justified, left apparently, the guardianship of a little girl, while at other places the youth welfare offices take in much less occasions, and in part to early the children from their families”, said the CDU politician.