Even years after the end of the combat mission of the Bundeswehr in Afghanistan, the number of war trauma affected the soldiers back.

in 2018, a use-related post was at 182 soldiers-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), newly diagnosed, twelve more than in the year 2017, as the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung”, referring to the medical service of the Bundeswehr reported.

The number of other deployment-related disorders such as depression, decreased according to the medical service more easily. The total had thus been in the last year 279 of the soldiers with a deployment – related psychiatric disorder diagnosed, the were in about as many new cases as of 2017, with 274 cases. The actual disease is likely to be higher, because only the cases that are treated in Bundeswehr facilities are counted.

The combat mission of Nato in Afghanistan ended in 2014. The Bundeswehr is only for training and advising the Afghan armed forces in the country. A spokesman for the defense Ministry told the newspaper, often Affected to take the first years after the triggering event “one of our many ways to help true.”

The defence Commissioner of the Bundestag, Hans-Peter Bartels, assumes that “many soldiers are to report at a later time, because only today PTSD as a physical injury is seen”. Many of the soldiers, the diseases are now chronic and it is questionable whether the Bundeswehr could meet the existing treatment still needs to be adequately, especially in the psychiatric departments of the Bundeswehr hospitals, part of the jobs cannot be filled. Overall, there is much to be but better. Bartels presents on Tuesday its annual report.