pensioners have paid in the past years, more and more income tax. Well, 32 billion euros of income fins, according to the latest official statistics, in 2014, tax of Taxpayers with pension income to the state, it was three years earlier, only nearly 26 billion.

This is evident from the response of the Federal government on a request from the FDP. The “Bild”newspaper first reported about it. Because of not applicable time-limits and the duration until the official statistics are the most recent data available. Well, 4.4 million people and assessed together couples with pension income were having to pay taxes.

By the pension increase on 1. July 2019 will be charged according to the response of the Federal Ministry of Finance, expected to be approximately 48,000 Taxpayers with a pension in addition to income tax. The emoluments of the well 20 million pensioners in Germany will rise by 3.18 per cent in West Germany and in order to 3.91 percent in the East. FDP financial expert Frank Schäffler criticized: “The tax liability is for more and more retirees to the Problem.”

since 2005, imposed the pension tax takes a growing group of retirees. Due to the rise in the taxable portion of the pension as well as pension, more and more new retirees are asked increases from the Treasury to the Fund. If you are a senior you must file a tax return depends on the amount of your taxable income besides pension income including other income such as income from capital investments, rental income or pensions. Payable if the total income of a pensioner on the basic free amount (9168 Euro/Married 18 336 Euro).

Overall, the national income through wage and income amounted to a tax in 2014 to 260 billion euros.


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