to get a Quick appointment with the specialist, for many NHS patients are already not quite easy. Since it is not in the practices of a good, if by the agreed date, no one appears to be out of forgetfulness or because something came up.

Doctors appeal to the “punctuality” of the customers and Dunning, at least in time to cancel. Some resort to penalties, including default fees. In terms of reliable dates, consumer advocates and health insurance companies, however, just as the Doctors in the duty and focus on digital technology.

a Critical number of missed appointments are practices, especially in many of the “how to Order”, the only fixed times are assigned and no open office hours. Even more so, when it comes to outpatient surgery or tests, for which equipment and personnel are prepared. “Here is a real economic harm as a result, the practices,” says Dirk Heinrich, head of the Association of Physicians NAV-Virchow-Bund. Even if the telephone exchanges of the associations of sickness Fund doctors appointments book and then “tails”, he said, shows a lack of solidarity, criticized the Association. So you take away maybe the other patients an appointment.

How common it is that patients put their Doctors, but it is not entirely clear. “There’s a lot of claims and accusations against patients, but representative data are at least not known to us”, – said the head Association of the statutory health insurance (GKV). According to the physicians-in-chief Andreas streets taken appointments are unexcused will not be true, but “quite a Problem”. The first details of the physicians ‘ associations have fluctuated from 5 to nearly 20 percent. The medical practitioners reports to the Central telephone awards by 30 percent. In the case of normal appointments, the Association of chief Henry comes in his ENT practice on 40 cases a month.

Among medical professionals that makes for frustration. The NAV-Virchow-Bund has already brought a temporary Lock for Appointments by telephone conciliation to the game, and also for failure fees. “With the Signal of such a fee, we rely on learning success in patients,” says Heinrich. The funds hold. In the case of the agreements, physicians ‘ remuneration also times not appearing patients are taken into account. Criminal charges are justified, and tended to lead to a disruption of the doctor-patient relationship, warns the Vice-Chairman of the Board of the Shi head Association, Johann Magnus von Stackelberg. And warns: “Just because patients are sitting in spite of an appointment always feels like an eternity in waiting rooms, should be Doctors on the subject of punctuality first of their own nose.”

The Association of Physicians emphasizes that a longer Wait in the practice is always a sign of bad time management. For urgent cases would still have to be pushed back in between. Also the verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband (vzbv) insists, however, that ordered patients expected as reliability. Much could be with a better organization in practices and more information for the patient to solve, says health expert Petra Fuhrmann.

Many Doctors have been relying on memories, for example, via SMS on the mobile phone. More digital solutions are likely to expand in the future. Dates are in order everywhere and at any time be booked, it says at the IT industry Association Bitkom. Online Contracts are also connect with memories, so that patients forget appointments, less likely, or at least to cancel – which could then go to other patients from a waiting list. Memories could also include extra information to appear sober on a date. Digital planning assistant, patients could also be informed earlier about potential waiting times in the practice.

Even lack of patient mean is not always equal to total idle. According to a study for the kassenärztliche bundesvereinigung (KBV) of 2014 practices, a push is usually other patients or to pull someone out of the room before waiting. A lot of record in the file, when patients miss appointments. Rather a few plan from the outset for a higher appointment a density to failed patients to compensate.

the consumer key and see that it is critical, if default charges are required. “Missed a routine appointment, not normally a damage for the practice,” says expert Fuhrmann. Because the next Patient could be treated or the administration done. Digital appointment Management offer advantages, but should remain voluntary. “Patients must be able to schedule appointments continue to be analog on the phone or in practice.” Even more date-game room is to decide the Bundestag next week. Among other things, practice, doctors will have to offer according to the plans of the coalition then a minimum of 25 instead of 20 hours per week for cash patients.