is decreased to keep The number of children and young people in Hartz-IV-house for the first time in years. In December 2018 1.95 million lived just under 18-Year-old in the so-called need for communities that were dependent on the support.

This is about 75,000, or 3.7 percent less than a year before were, as a statistic of the Federal employment Agency. A reason for the decline of the good development in the labour market, including children, would benefit, said a spokeswoman for the Federal Agency. In addition, the job centre have now a stronger focus on families and Lone parents. Overall, the number of Hartz-IV-receiver, because less and less people would be dependent on basic security.

“There is no reason to sound the all-clear on the subject of child poverty,” said Left party leader Dietmar Bartsch of the German press Agency. The millions of poverty of children and their families must be vigorously combated. “In our country, every child should have the same opportunities to develop his skills and abilities.” He called for an independent children’s basic security.