The Parisian Cathedral of Notre-Dame has been damaged by a major fire on Monday night. Not only the French are shocked and mourn the loss of your true character, people around the world Express their condolences. The danger of a complete destruction of the building was, according to new information, greater than I thought. The greater the willingness to donate money for the reconstruction of the building, which should take, according to the President of Emmanuel Macron five years now. Several French billionaire families to the said funds in the total amount of half a billion euros.

The Statista graphic shows selected key figures of the Parisian landmark. In the fire of the crossing tower and the roof were destroyed. Notre Dame is one of the earliest Gothic Church buildings in France. Worldwide, the Cathedral was through the historical novel “The hunchback of Notre-Dame” by Victor Hugo is known, which has been filmed several times.

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“How stupid it appears, however, to do so, as we’re all Europeans”

In the pain United the French looked on Monday evening at the blazing flames that were eating away at their Notre-Dame. But not just the French, all of Europe looked on with Horrified to Paris. Also, the European press is in mourning.