In the Brexit-armed looking for the United Kingdom and the European Union on Wednesday again for a way out of the completely chaotic situation.

the Prime Minister Theresa May wants to achieve in Brussels concessions to get to the exit of the Treaty in the British house of Commons, but yet to be ratified and announced to exit the EU, without the mess.

the UK wants the EU on 29. March left, so in a good five weeks. In the case of a Brexit without a contract the two sides agreed period of Transition and the key points for a close trade and security partnership accounted for. The economy is feared for this case of severe distortions, among others due to lengthy customs controls at the borders. Both sides want to avoid.

However, the fell of May with the rest of the 27 EU States by negotiated exit agreement in mid-January in the British Parliament. Now, the head of government will bring improvements but still a majority. Next week May have to reimburse the house of Commons report. The EU, however, rules out any Change to the nearly 600 pages of outlet contract.

this output location has changed anything for weeks. Nevertheless, the EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker on further “discussions”, as May urge two weeks ago already once with him on corrections. The negotiators from both sides sat together several times. Now May and Juncker want to take stock of the situation. How a solution could look like is unclear.

the main point of contention is the so-called Backstop. This is a required by the EU guarantee, that the EU external border between the member country of Ireland and British Northern Ireland remains open. If no other solution is found, the whole of the UK is in a customs Union with the EU. For Northern Ireland should also apply some of the rules of the internal market. Brexit advocates fear that the connective the UK too closely to the EU. Critics complain that the special status for Northern Ireland.

in view of the time pressure, it is speculated that a shift of the Brexit-date. Juncker has already signalled that the EU side is likely to agree to a request to London. But he reiterated on Tuesday on Twitter, the decision lies with the EU Commission. And Juncker said: “If Britain remains on the may, it would have to hold as a member of the EU, the European elections in 2019.” It was in the EU Treaty so provided.