In Berlin, Robert Maier in there lives with his wife and two small children in the middle. The Kottbusser Tor and Görlitzer Park in Kreuzberg, the entrepreneur counts as part of his neighborhood – those of crime and drug trafficking dominated areas, therefore, is required in which the rule of law every day. For a strong legal and social state, which protects citizens against violence and crime as well as poverty, the 39-Year-old, who announced on Monday his candidacy for the SPD chair. The SPD should not neglect the internal and external security longer.


people’s party in the crisis

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Maier grew up in St. Augustin near Bonn, in a “very political family,” as he puts it. Even as a child, he distributed election advertising with his mother, the long-time members of Parliament and financial politician Ingrid Matthäus-Maier (until the FDP and SPD). In the SPD, he joined in 2004, because he wants to support the labour market reforms of Chancellor Gerhard Schröder. “The SPD has proved once again that she is willing to do the Right thing, even if it is popular or expedient,” he says.

Robert Maier supports young entrepreneurs

the basis for Maier’s professional career is studying Economics, which he finished as Diplom-Kaufmann. In 2008, he is the co-founder of the Internet start-up Visual Meta, which develops, among other things, the Shopping Portal . Today, the Berlin-based company has more than 200 employees. Maier sold his remaining shares in 2018, is looking for other challenges. Today, he works as an Investor and Business Angel, supports young entrepreneurs with new ideas.

Against this Background, the 39-Year-old, the Vice President and cofounder of the SPD economic forum is, in its Agenda as a possible party leader is of great value to investments in education, infrastructure, digitization, and research. A “shift to the left of the SPD with the collective planning and expropriation plans,” he rejects.

migration policy as an important issue

Great theme for Maier, the migration policy is. “We need an open and honest debate of the asylum and refugee policy, with no way entitled to provide concerned citizens in the right corner,” he writes on his website. He was a colorful society in which immigrants live, according to the local laws and values. “Make it clear we don’t have to but also that our society is capable of infinite.”

sources: , DPA,, SPD economic forum.

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