Hey, Germany, how’s it going?

to put it another way: it’s even?

we Look around us in this country, soon its 70. Celebrates birthday. For example, in the case of the nurse, Sophie G. and their son, Julian.

Changing the climate

her story is just a little story. But there are many of these little stories happen currently. Not everywhere, not always. But too often and in too many places. Together, they tell a different, a bigger story: the story of a country in which the climate has changed. In the extremely right, extremely dangerous ideas becoming more widely available. In the racism and nationalism back on the scene.


Georg Maier is Minister of the interior in Thuringia. The SPD politician, says: “We have looked the other way long”.

©Paul Benzig/star

the Leading heads of the German Right to formulate their goals quite openly: they want to build pressure on the company to unsettle the political System to destabilize the situation and at the same time, in the switching of the democracy beyond the parliaments seepage. In Associations, Trade Unions, Courts, Police, Armed Forces. Where the multipliers and the secret rulers of the public opinion. After all, who won only once has the Power over the heads, the gains at some point, the Power over everything.

in part, it has succeeded to the rights already.


Sophie and Julian G. life in Chemnitz. Julian is eleven years old, a rather quiet Boy who likes to read “Harry Potter”. A year ago he comes with a Arm full of bruises from home. His mother asks, where do the injuries come from. Julian says: “Hitler.”

Then he told: the children from his class in the school, even in the teaching of history, the Hitler salute, shown, and jokes about Auschwitz ripped. He said that you should stop. Then four classmates had been lurking for him after class and beat him.

Sophie G. complained to the head teacher. The reticence: normal scuffles among children. “I was shocked at how little the school administration for the stark slogans interested,” says the mother. For Julian, he’s Class President, was a martyrdom begins. He is repeatedly beaten with swastikas smeared and not dare to school for several weeks. One of his friends to pay protection money, so he is left alone, another speaks because of the bullying of suicide. Concerned parents turn to the police. For two hours, police officials and employees of the children’s emergency service ask the Eleven – and twelve-year-old in the classroom.


Dynamo Dresden has a eye-catching Fans (r.). But the hard rights are to be found also in the case of small sports clubs and other popular Clubs.

©; CDSB/Imaginechina/Laif

the ringleader of The thugs and extortionists should have posted on Instagram of Nazi propaganda. He is the son of a police officer and AfD functionary, running in the autumn for the Saxon Parliament. In an interview with the star, the father denies all the allegations. He says that he had taken his son, at least, because of the Hitler-greetings to the prayer; that is not “in order”. But he also says, the whole thing will used his political career to wreck.

You don’t know what you find pathetic: how ignorant teachers can conduct – or as nonchalant a police officer with the right of the excesses of mind bypasses years. And one wonders, what is wrong with a country in which half-grown violent, racist and anti-Semitic play, allowed to let off steam. What is the model their parents provide, which give counter-image of their teacher.

Pegida is calling: “Be Alderman!”

And no: This is not a village of the Suspended. Chemnitz is a large city. 248,000 inhabitants. Unemployment rate: 6.8 percent, the lowest since the turn. Foreigners, rate: 8.4 percent, significantly less than the average for the large cities. Share of votes to the AfD in the Bundestag election: 24.3 percent.

“I don’t know where this will end,” says Sophie G.. more and more you listen to the rights of sayings about foreigners and refugees. In the case of the teachers in the Kindergarten, the daughter attended, as well as in the clinic she works at. The starts with: “they get everything shoved up your ass.” And not hear for a long time: “you have to be careful that you don’t get raped, if you night have.”


Seda Basay-Yildiz and your little daughter are seriously threatened from the Right. The received data of the lawyer, apparently, from a Frankfurt police station.

©Boris Roessler/DPA

The pressure from the right is increasing nationwide. A Team led by Marburger educational researcher Benno Hafeneger has studied what the city and the local councils of the AfD to take care of. The political culture, the social climate could be “the best education” influence, tells Hafeneger. Therefore, the AfD, the local politicians would have already gone to the youth centers injected, which was also the people’s colleges: “education is increasingly a field of action of the AfD policy.”

In the previous autumn, the AfD Hamburg introduced a “portal neutral school” into the grid, thus “Affected in the case of neutrality violations within the school can defend”. Other AfD-associations followed the example. The obvious effect is that teachers who are critical of the party, to be unsettled. Ulf Rödde, member of the management Board of the trade Union of education and science, feeling the increased pressure at each of the Meetings of state associations: “for many teachers in Germany now.”

In the visor, Right are long, the dishes, the Items of the nearly 40,000 main jury of the country, official and youth courts. The number of applications has been decreasing for years. Too much time, too much effort. In this vacuum the Right want to encounter. Pegida called on: “Be Alderman!” The AfD added: “justice in criminal processes.”

Alexander Gauland mastered the art of gentle Aufwiegelns in the garb of bourgeois intellectuality. Last November, he delivers in a few minutes in the Bundestag a little demagogic masterpiece. The AfD group chief begins with a quote by Heinrich Heine (“The tenth part of what is being endured by the people in Germany, would have caused in France, 36 revolutions”), comes, via the French mass protests (“If the demonstrations reach Germany soon? Reasons, there would be enough”) and Macron, Maastricht and the Diesel will apply inevitably to its core theme: “For fine dust and nitrogen oxides meticulously monitored limits. For Migration. The occasionally lethal side-effects of Migration are in the Mounts.atz to fine dust obviously. Just a rejected, but tolerated asylum seekers-a pensioner in Wittenburg has cut his throat.” Migrants to nitric oxide. Lethal Dose Of.

Such Talk of the AfD and their supporters disseminated via social media, provide the templates for those records, listen to people like Sophie G. since the refugee crisis, more and more often – only in far less polished Form. So a climate of permanent hysteria, a kind of spiritual civil war, fueled by violent crimes, as in Kandel, Chemnitz and Wiesbaden, the refugees have committed or to have. A few days before this speech. Rain slaps against the window front in Gaulands group, Chairman-office, views of the Reichstag. Gauland says satisfied: “There was an attitude that certain things can not be, and questions discussed. The past is the past. This has made the AfD.”


Not only the Identitarian movement (R) has the youth in mind. The AfD Internet portals established, the children and parents, “violations of the principle of Neutrality” in schools.

©Philipp von Ditfurth/star; CDSB/Imaginechina/Laif

to organize Him, it is “on the AfD, a counter-power in society”. How can this work, he explains on the basis of the “image”-newspaper, “a good example”. The sheet was in the autumn of 2015 on the “Refugees welcome”-shaft and, in the meantime, carefully phrased, very migration critical. “We have built up pressure in the people, and the sheet is forced against the Alternative: do you Want to do so and you of your readership alienate?”, Gauland says.

An intermediate goal on the way to the counter makes an important step towards cultural hegemony, in the opinion of your Highness is done with this: “Yes, we have reached a discourse of change.” To the right, even the far right is no longer frowned upon, of course. The taboos are falling. Everywhere. Even there, where you never fall.

According to the Constitution, the protection of a high two digit number of police officers to stand close to the rich citizens who reject the state completely, its citizens must protect the police. In Bavaria alone, five officials have been banned, and your service.

In Berlin, advised, of all things, defenders of the State to his boss via text message, “Merkel & Co and your fucking Good-people keep”, and greeted in a further SMS with “88”. The number 8 stands for H, the eighth letter of the alphabet. In the Code of the radical Right-wing 88 HH “Heil Hitler!”

shift to the right of all the places

In Mecklenburg-Vorpommern there is a police officer, against the now, the attorney General determined that because he, together with a group of other men planned to Left.

And in Frankfurt flew at the end of last year, six officials, who shared in a Whatsapp group Hitler pictures, Nazi symbols and right-wing extremist cartoons. They worked in the police station 1, from which the extreme right-wing scene have been playing information about the lawyer Seda Basay-Yildiz. The lawyer has been threatened several times. Your two-year-old daughter, you’ll tear off “the head”, – stated in the recent Fax. It is signed “NSU 2.0”.

all of This has nothing to do with Gaulands “discourse change”. But it could. And it may be asked whether the AfD-politician can control the spirits, which he has revived. Whether he wants this at all.


neo-Nazi Demonstration in Dortmund, Germany. The right-wing scene in the North Rhine-Westphalian city is old, well-connected and broadband set up.

©Bernd Schaller/EPD

Very much suggests that there’s long been an unspoken division of labor between the AfD and the extreme neo-Nazi scene, with the aim to shake this Republic to its foundations. The one with aufstachel Talk to. The other with parades, fear-mongering and attacks.

1. September 2018 joined in Chemnitz extremists from all over the country the so-called funeral March for a suspected of refugees from Syria and Iraq, that are thrust through German and moved then marodierend through the city. Had the March a Premiere first, called AfD and Pegida. It was the first large, visible Alliance of the right and far-right and Wutbürgern, the so-called normal citizens followed or applauded.

A “break” is called Alexander Häusler, an expert on right-wing extremism at the University of Düsseldorf, this day.


on Friday evening, as many evenings. Around 100 radicals marching through Dorstfeld, then through the district of Marten, pan black-and-white red flags, the colors of Nazi Germany, igniting fireworks and roar: “Who loves Germany, is an anti-Semite” and “The System is at the end, we are turning”. Four police officers accompanying the train. They don’t slow down. The parades are covered by the right to demonstrate.

“Dortmunder Nazis”, as they are in the Ruhr area, simply called, had been spurred “by “Chemnitz”, says an observer from the environment of the Dortmunder Antifa. In no other city marching neo-Nazis on was already in front of it: “so often”, and have been for three decades. This is under-reported. You’ve used “just because”.


Tommy Frenck was a long-NPD member. Now, he runs a restaurant, has become the point of attraction for any of the rights from all over the country.

©Paul Benzig/star

Used to Masked, at night, with torches, in front of refugee homes, such as the Ku Klux Klan and “foreigners out” roar. To a burning wreath at the Jewish memorial. To fake the death of political opponents in ads on Facebook.

in Front of a dilapidated old building on the Emscher river road in Dorstfeld rights on warmer days, like to put chairs on the sidewalk and drink beer. On the wall opposite of the Nazi neighborhood” and “National liberated Zone is in big letters “”. In the area, many neo-Nazis live, often in WGs, is easy to recognize. Walls, sidewalk, and letter boxes are the black-and-white-painted red. To lampposts and electricity boxes glue Sticker: “Dortmund Jews.”

The Dortmund scene is old, very well-connected, nationally and Europe-wide – and attractive, especially by the bandwidth of its actors, says Rights expert Alexander Häusler. Students, as well as Skinheads, Hooligans, such as the activists of the party to The right. And when the police picked up in September 2017, the German-Czech border, a dozen neo-Nazis from the environment of the militant group “Combat 18”, should have been among them, also in Dortmund. The group had completed a shooting training in the Czech Republic.

“Revolutionary medium”

extremism, researchers Häusler holds the Grow terroristischer cells, the network in the age of social media is always better for an ever-growing threat – as well as the efforts of radical Right-wing, together with despicable “democratic” parties referred to as a pickup in the Front.

The parliamentary Arm of the Right wins might soon have more influence. In Saxony, the AfD can be expected according to the latest polls in the state elections in the autumn, with 25 percent. Since it for red-Red-Green is by Far not enough, the CDU and the Left want to, could rule against the AfD only an Almost-all-party Alliance and the only with a narrow majority; the CDU, SPD, greens and FDP together, on 54 percent. Unless the CDU in the coalition at the end of the AfD. Christian Hartmann did not want to exclude the after his election to the new CDU parliamentary group Chairman explicitly. A power word from the Berlin CDU top stopped the debate.

The impression remained, but here, Too, a little crumbling. The firewall against the right is always fragile. A CDU faction chief could imagine, apparently, a coalition with a party which applies to the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution since last week as a “test case”; the two groups does not tolerate, which were even classified as a “suspected case”: the right of national “wings” to the Thuringian AfD-Chef Björn Höcke, and the youth organization “Young Alternative” (YES).


Harry Ebert for nearly 20 years mayor in baden-württemberg in Burladingen. Last year, he joined the AfD.

©Sina Schuldt/DPA

After months of wrangling, a 1000-page collection of material filed at the end of alone from publicly available sources to identify “severely compacted indications of extremist aspirations”, such as the protection of the Constitution chief Thomas Haldenwang says. The “wings” for the event of the failure of the AfD point even “revolutionary medium”: “Then the helmet comes on, only’!'”

If the intelligence officers to look in the future in more detail to the Right, you will investigate the “possible interactions with observation of objects in the environment of the AfD” – entanglements and Interactions with groups and movements of the protection of the Constitution has long been on the Radar, with brown boys, rich citizens, “Identity” and neo-Nazi comradeships. More than 100 officers, deputies and employees with Connections to the radical scene, the ARD found in research for the documentary “On the right side” alone at the Federal and state level. On the one hand, observed the Saxon protection of the Constitution reinforces “infiltration efforts” of right-wing forces in the civil society, state institutions and civil associations such as “Our home – our future” in Oelsnitz. On the other hand, the intelligence to diagnose an “Erosion of the demarcation” against the Radicals. The Power of habit is a dangerous one. It is almost ubiquitous.

monastery of Vessra

The “Golden lion” in the Thuringian Town appears to be a normal Locally. . Chalk boards with daily specials. It’s just that the cost is always the time of 8.88 Euro and the sign with the restaurant name of black-and-white-and-red stripes is framed. And that the owner is wearing a Tattoo across the neck: “Aryan”. Aryans.

Tommy Frenck is 31 years old, a small, roundish man, the times Junior champion in weight lifting and a long time member of the NPD. In the meantime, he sits for his own “Alliance for the future of Hildburghausen” in the district. He is the doer, for example, that village schools are not closed. “I want to be a politician,” he says. “I want to influence the opinion in the pre-political space.”

For almost four years, the “lion” of its base and point of attraction for any of the rights of the whole Republic. In the back room Frenck Shirts sold with the Imperial eagle or the logo “I love HTLR”. On the counter, magazines such as “N. S. Today”. He invites you to song recitals with extreme right-wing musicians. And in 2017, he managed to attract 6000 rights to the neighboring Themar “Rock against Alienation II”. Banned the Festival could not be, Frenck had registered it as a political event – which is protected by the basic law. However, the police did not intervene when hundreds of “Sieg Heil” shouted, and the Arm to the forbidden Hitler salute, stretched. Until 2018, the security forces dispersed the succession concert in Apolda, after the first incidents.

“We have to look away for long,” says Georg Maier, the SPD Minister of the interior in Thuringia. At the Right there had been a change of strategy, many of the Nazis citizens, therefore, would be. “Especially in rural areas, where much of the power density, that is a Problem. As people say: it Is beautiful, that there is a restaurant.”


The AfD group Chairman Alexander Gauland holds controversial Talk, which did not have the desired effect. He says: “We have achieved a discourse change”.

©ZUMA Press; CDSB/Imaginechina/Laif

people like Rene Hoffmann*. The young man with the undercut hairstyle knows “Tommy” since school times. “The talk of the Nazi-catering is not true at all,” he says. “This is a former mayor of this place.” And the Shirts and magazines, sells the Frenck? “Helene Fischer has also Merchandising.” Also with the Nazi Tattoos from Tommy and his spirit friends he had “basically no Problem”.

Rene Hoffmann is in the army, a soldier who has sworn an oath of allegiance to the Constitution. 379 suspected cases “in the area of the right-wing extremism,” reported the Military intelligence service in 2017 at the German armed forces – racist and anti-Semitic slogans on the swastika-daubing until the fall of the Lieutenant, Franco A., the planned is obviously an attack on a refugee home. This is at least the officially reported Figures. Some time ago, the neo-Nazi reported dropout Christian Gerber white about his experiences as a recruit in the Friedenstein barracks in Gotha. His Nazi Tattoos nobody bothered. To his room eight man positions. Gerber self, another self-professed national socialist, an anti-Semite, a member of a right-wing conservative singer, choir-and-white. A fifth crack racist jokes.

Five of eight. The majority of the Gothaer room.

a soldier, Hoffmann is not a Nazi. But he has no Problem with Nazis. Perhaps this is a bigger Problem. The limits of acceptance are moved.


The SV-Blue-and-White Lindenau in upper Lusatia four departments, seven groups of children, you can play football or bowling, there is a gymnastics group that is so full that it takes up no new members. Unfortunately, also a defender, so brown and has Blue-and-White in his football team that he is in the protection of the Constitution report of the country’s Brandenbthe LDA has been dedicated a Chapter of its own: Sebastian Raack. The “right-wing extremist entrepreneurs” use “the Park restaurant in Lindenau, in order to give its activities an inconspicuous, normal, and bourgeois paints,” – said in the report. Raack operates one of the busiest Labels for extreme-right music in Germany.

The restaurant is called “Pizza 18”, but the reason is that the house got the number 18, says Lutz Heduschka. The retired head Forester, is the Chairman of Blue-and-White Lindenau and would like to meet prefer to be outside of the place. “We just want to make Sport,” he says. “Instead, we talk constantly about Nazis.” What is not is probably due to the fact that Raack is the only Right-wingers in the team. The protection of the Constitution to observe two other players in the circle of upper division and even some of their supporters in the visor, so Heduschka.

The Right throw out? Very difficult. To do this, you would have to modify the articles of Association “massively,” he says. Theoretically this is possible, “but then, when their followers go, we can set the game operating the same”. Also: “Also the Nazis sports. The protection of the Constitution boss says.” Heduschka says, Raack was late 30’s; he hoped, that the Problem with the radical Right-wing “waxes”, because you are eventually too old to Kick. Only that you have a lot of time to draw young players to their side. What Heduschka, he says, but not believe.

no, the chief Forester a. D. is not a sympathizer of the Nazis. He only lets you grant. The “infiltration efforts”, in front of which the Saxon Constitution, warns protection, have long been successful, the “Erosion of the demarcation” is progressing. Meanwhile, a man like Tommy Frenck says: “The afraid to come right into contact. I remember for years.” In the General election, the guest host with the “Aryan”-has made a Tattoo of his cross in the AfD. You could to the other parties at the most intense hurt.

Yes, there is “radical right-wing nutcase” in his party, “idiots who want to break from the principle of taboos,” said Alexander Gauland. “These people need to get rid of.” You would believe him more, he thought, notorious taboo-breaker as Björn Höcke. But Höcke he says. The AfD-tip operates with the own people a similar double-game with the neo-Nazis: she distances herself, but with the Radicals for their own purposes. It tolerates right-winger like Höcke, trying not to demonstrate again and again that you attract only the right edge of characters.


The town is situated, as the municipality advertises, “on the Sunny side of the Swabian Alb”, and was until the beginning of last year, mainly known because of the clothing manufacturer Trigema resides there. In the meantime, Burladingen has a second attraction: the first mayor of the AfD in the Region.

Harry Ebert is 59 and used to be a COP. For almost 20 years, he is mayor in Burladingen. First he was independent, and then in the CDU, joined again, sympathized openly with the AfD and it was in March of 2018 officially a member; all calls to resign, he has handled since then.

problems with refugees? “We have no problems,” says Ebert. “We have hardly any refugees in Burladingen. Of which you will notice almost nothing. But I see what is happening in the Republic. I don’t want the immigration into our social systems, this Alienation and the violence associated with it.” And: “To complained the right of the German workers, that he must be tearing here, the good German said, the ass, and others get what he needs to work hard afterwards thrown.”

Sure, such sentences AfD have politicians like Ebert non-exclusive. You could also come from a good Union man. Now even a socialist. This makes the thing not better. On The Contrary.

Ebert says to him is, “to provide the basis of work and to show to the people: The AfD does not only consist of people who come because of their Statements in the Federal government and the country being negative”. There are also people in the party, “with common sense on-the-spot decide whether a road is being renovated, or the school will get new Windows were quite”.

How are you supposed to call a Harry Ebert? A Facade Painter?

deep tracks

It is not only the Noise, the Radicals, the traces left behind. Tracks that are deeper than one suspects at first glance. Perhaps the Right in an attempt to change society to come, already much more than many want to admit.

So, how’s it going, Federal Republic of, birthday child goes’?

Yes, it could be worse. There are, finally, the good news. A is The head of the Chemnitz school, Julian G. was harassed, has now been replaced.

The bad news is: due to reasons of age.

*Name changed by the editors