The United States wants to move Venezuela’s President, Nicolás Maduro, with even more drastic measures than in the past to a retreat.

in addition to the already existing sanctions against individual Venezuelans and government Agencies US President Donald Trump on Monday (local time) with immediate effect now also possible assets of the Maduro government in the United States freezing.

This step is necessary to set due to the continuing unlawful usurpation of Power on the part of Maduro and his entourage, it is said, among other things, in the President disposal. The Maduro accused government of human rights violations and restriction of democracy in the South American oil country. It was unclear which order of magnitude may be one of the assets of the Maduro government in the United States.

In Peru’s capital Lima want to advise Trumps security adviser John Bolton on (today) Tuesday, with representatives from more than 50 countries over the political crisis in Venezuela. They all support the Maduro Challenger Juan Guaidó, was appointed in January of even the interim President and since then, with the socialist President to Power struggles.

Guaidó denies Maduro’s legitimacy as head of state, whose re-election last year, not democratic Standards have been met. A number of countries, including the United States and Germany, have recognized Guaidó as the rightful interim President. In Venezuela itself could not prevail Guaidó yet. Especially the powerful military continues to Maduro, as well as Russia and China.

The U.S. government is trying to push Maduro to retreat, especially through economic sanctions against him and his environment. So far, these efforts run into the Void. Maduro accuses, in turn, Guaidó to plan with the help of the United States in a coup against his socialist government.

“I look forward to a productive day in Lima, Peru,” wrote Bolton on Monday on Twitter with a view to the International conference for democracy in Venezuela on Tuesday. In the process, there will be discussions with regional countries on security, democracy and prosperity.

Trump even had said with a view on the political crisis in Venezuela in the past months repeatedly, all options are on the table, and thus military action is basically included. In Peru it is supposed to go to a peaceful solution to the crisis.

in addition to the political crisis in Venezuela suffers from a devastating economic problems: Under Maduro, who was elected in 2013 after the death of his mentor Hugo Chávez as President, the Inflation unprecedented proportions. Many daily necessities are in short supply. Several million people left due to the crisis in the country.

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