I think sometimes that I’m sick. Previously, I suffered from slight hypochondria. If the television broadcasts were running through the intestines or liver disease, and pinched at me to prompt the intestine or liver. This time, however, the disease is not that it is even contagious and has captured large parts of the UK. The disease is called Brexit and has since the 23rd. June 2016 rapidly on the island of spread.

I Just read a survey. Two out of five people here feel powerless, angry, worried, and tired of Brexit. One of the two I need to be. 17 per cent, stood there, felt the effects of an increased Stress-Level, 12 percent slept poorly, and London is more infested than the Rest of the country. And this would also be true in the Rest for the Remainer as Leaver. It is also true, I can testify, for correspondents.

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Brexit in the British Parliament

In the case of approval of the Brexit Deal: May offers resignation


We have a lot of Briefings and conferences on the topic of Brexit, where one meets the dear colleagues from all over the world. You do not need to ask how you are. You can see it. Rings under the eyes, the skin is greyer than usual. What is perhaps the fact that none of us makes more vacation. Theresa May has crept into all of our lives. She has hijacked it. We can’t plan, because Mrs May has no Plan. Actually, I wanted to a friend on the weekend for the birthday of my best. Actually.

Sometimes in dreams I don’t want to complain of May

me, too. The Brexit is now an occupational disease. In the good old times, the predominant occupational disease was in journalism too much nicotine and too much alcohol. That’s on you, now.

Sometimes, I dream of May. I don’t want to say that there are nightmares, but they come pretty close. My wife has it better. She dreamt once that she had invited the Queen for tea. It was a beautiful dream. But once, it was shortly after the elections in 2017, dreamed of my wife from wife, May. You sat with her in the kitchen in Downing Street, they drank orange juice (!), May asked you, what should you do now, and my wife said: “The Brexit cancel.” May not have heard, of course. And now we have the salad.

We are all tired of Brexit. In the morning, Brexit, in the evening, Brexit Brexit, at noon. Brexit is always and everywhere. You go to the Pub, what to meet friends and talk? Brexit. You go to the stadium, and what you’re talking about before the game and after the game, and sometimes in the middle of it? Brexit. For the past few years.

football not only helps in the short term,

The Brexit-fatigue, this island of illness, has now reached the continent. The EU-Grande, Jean-Claude Juncker said he is also suffering from including. Recently, employees of the “Spectator”, a pop-conservative sheet, with a “Brexit-Fatigue”, the Brexit-fatigue, the falls unfortunately, now with the common early spring fatigue. They advised, it’s not helping to live abroad, preferably far away in the Andes or Kandahar. Acute cases were handed down so far. As a remedy and therapy, they recommended all the British readers who don’t want to pull into the Andes or to Kandahar, the repetition of the last football world Cup in Russia, as England are not an exception in the penalty shoot-out flew. The help in the short term. For German, the is only of limited use.