The scandal of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church in the US state of Illinois has apparently assumed much larger proportions than in the past. The Church had held back the names of at least 500 priests who had been accused of sexual abuse of children, informed the attorney General of Illinois, Lisa Madigan, in her preliminary report on Wednesday. In addition, the Church is not, or was not appropriate investigated many of the allegations.

Six dioceses in Illinois had previously called public 185 spiritual, against which there is “credible” allegations of sexual abuse of minors, as Madigan said.

priest abused more than 1,000 underage

The investigation in Illinois follow the large-scale abuse scandal, the Prosecutor’s office of the U.S. state of Pennsylvania in the local Catholic Church open in August.


abuse in the US Church

Why to answer to someone? The reactions to the Church scandal


your report States that had passed more than 300 priests in the last 70 years to more than 1000 children and young people. The Church leaders had not resorted to the satisfaction of the investigators despite his knowledge of the operations and partly by or incidents even covered up. You Sit out hinders the investigation until today – the majority of cases are now time-barred under criminal law.

As the Church in Illinois, investigations avoided

show your preliminary investigation report, that the Catholic Church in Illinois could not supervise itself, said Madigan. The dioceses would have said normally, at the time of the allegations the priests were either dead already or would not have exercised their office. Therefore, there had been no investigation.

The cardinal of Illinois, to the nearby metropolis of Chicago, blase Cupich, expressed in a communication from his deep Regret that the Church had failed, the “scourge of sexual abuse” on the part of a Clergyman. His statement printed in the newspaper “Chicago Tribune”.

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