The scenes in several city halls of German cities should have on Tuesday morning compensated, as every day: employees of the administration to come into the office, start your Computer and open the E-Mail program. What you see in the morning Routine is breaking threats – bomb, arrived in the middle of the night. They are dealing now with the police in all of Germany.

recipients of the city administration of Chemnitz, Kaiserslautern, Rendsburg in Schleswig-Holstein, Göttingen, Neunkirchen, Saarland, and Augsburg. Corresponding Mails in other town halls were still, for example, in Schwerin. There and elsewhere, it was in each case to the assessment that the threat was not taken seriously.

Over 3,000 city hall employees had to be out of the office

For bomb threats there are in government Offices and authorities, guidelines for the behavior. Supervisors must be informed, the threat is forwarded to the building management and the police, then that is cleared. In the Neunkircher town hall this regulates about the so-called danger prevention plan of the city administration, a spokeswoman said.

Over 3000 Workers had to leave on Tuesday morning in the six cities, their jobs. The administration, for a total of almost 850,000 people had been laid and hours of lame. Social services offices, registration offices, state offices were closed. Bus and tram lines had to be diverted due to road closures, in nine churches, a Kindergarten was evacuated, in Chemnitz there is a weekly market in the city centre.

“threats of violence”

bomb threats, set of six German city halls lame – police connection

In many German cities received in the last hours of anonymous bomb threats in city halls, among other things, in Kaiserslautern, Augsburg and Chemnitz. In the meantime, it gives the all-clear; the police are investigating.

By Daniel Wüstenberg

the town hall went forecourts strip and team car to the police, the threats have bound a lot of personnel in the operating forces. In Göttingen, for example, “were ordered all in the city area available to radio-strip” of the town hall, as a spokeswoman told; in Chemnitz and Augsburg more than 50 local officials were, in Kaiserslautern, US military police even supported the use, including firefighters and paramedics were. The most important employee of the police Department, the EDD, however, were, about 20 of them were snuffling on Tuesday morning in the offices of Schleswig-Holstein to Bavaria.

After police officers searched with the animals office to office, floor by floor, and there was after and after the all-clear from all six cities. In any of the administrative building explosives was found. Breathe a sigh of relief at the 3,000 city hall employees.

far and wide began the investigative work of the police. Although no bomb was found, the threats of a criminal Offence, to the “disturbance of the public peace by the threat of crime”, as it is called in the criminal code. Threatened punishment: up to three years in prison.

Who is behind the bomb threats?

Who is behind the threats? It is a concerted action? Or a lone gunman? The letters were sent all around 1.37 PM on the publicly-available collection-E-Mail address of the respective municipal administration. The content is in all Mails “identical”, said, among other things, the Saarland police, according to initial investigations. What exactly is in there, say the authorities. The speech was a “day of vengeance” reported the Saarland Around. According to the star information, the author or authors stated and I quote, that “in your building” an explosive device was deposited – the threats are without reference to the specific city. It is obviously a multiple to different addressees of the sent Mail.

since last summer, the Unknown will send increasingly bomb threats to different institutions in Germany, for example, courts, railway stations, publishers or agencies. Several buildings were evacuated then, explosives have not been found yet. As the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” and the North reported on German radio, were the letters “NSU 2.0”, “Wehrmacht” or “national socialist Offensive” was signed. Investigators, therefore, a possible right-wing extremist Background.

Over 100 emails from “NSU 2.0”

“execute citizens”: the Alleged right-wing extremists threaten

authorities, politicians and the Central Council of the Jews will always be threatened again. Now the Prosecutor’s office determined in an eerie series that could go on the account of right-wing extremists. Including bomb threats.


In the case of the threatening E-Mails from the Tuesday after the star information is not the sender, as well as a high-ranking official confirmed. Whether the latest series of bomb threats to that depends on since last year, check the investigators currently. “Connection is close”, it was from a police authority. In Göttingen, however, the officials did not assess the threat, provisionally, as a state security offence – the assessment could change at any time. Until then, the Landeskriminalamt Niedersachsen spring determined leader, even Cybercrime experts are turned on according to a spokeswoman.

series of more than 100 bomb threats

some cities, like Chemnitz were forwarded the findings, however, been to Berlin. In the case of the office of the Prosecutor General, the investigation of the series of right-wing threats of violence come together in a Central place. The prosecution is now talking about Germany, well over 100 cases. A spokesman said so far no further information to the current e-mails would be available, so that a possible connection can not yet be assessed.

The Federal criminal police office (BKA) in Wiesbaden, Germany, have for the time being, no Central investigations into the threats, said a spokeswoman on request, however, was involved in the work. It support the competent land criminal police offices and mediate between them. “Of course, it is also checked whether the cases are related.”

In a first reaction, the German Association of cities condemned the bomb threats, in focus. You would not however, give up the open character of the town halls, said of cities ‘ President, Markus Lewe. “Openness, willingness to engage in dialogue and service to the community may not be by threats of the individual in question”, stressed Lewe, who is also the mayor of the city of Münster.

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