On Saturday, had to die in El Paso, Texas, 20 people. Also, a German to be among the Victims. A 21-year-old American, shot in a shopping center – but that, apparently from racist motives. “This attack is a response to the Hispanic Invasion of Texas,” wrote the perpetrator in advance in a kind of Pamphlet. The gunman was taken alive by the police. Innocent people, among other things, the 25-year-old Jordan Anchondo, on the other hand are dead. And how now came out, and offered the young mother, apparently in order to save your Baby’s life.

murder in El Paso

a German among the dead – Obama condemned the “climate of fear and hatred”


Anchondo was with her small son and her husband Andre on the road to do on the weekend, the usual shopping and everything Necessary for the approaching start of School for your oldest child to get. The family was completely unaware of the large supermarket in El Paso. As the offender began to shoot, he met Jordan man was fatally wounded. The mother immediately turned, bent over her two-month-old child, and protected the Little one with your body. Then she met a deadly bullet.

she protected her little child with her body

The events of this Moment from injuries derive that the little Boy suffered during the terrible massacre. Rushed as his mother ground, she fell on top of him. The Baby broke several bones – but it was allowed to survive. Currently, the Boy is being treated in hospital. “The injuries to my sister seems to have the Baby screened,” said Leta Jamrowski, the 19-year-old sister of the deceased Jordan Anchondo. “He’s alive, because you gave her life.”

Andre and Jordan Anchondo have two more children. All three must now grow up as orphans. President Trump power in spite of the terrible incident and a further killing spree in Dayton, Ohio, in which nine people were killed, however, no attempt to change the lax weapons laws in the United States. He pushes the acts rather on the mental illness of the Shooters.

sources: “TIME”, “CBS News”

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murder in Texas

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