The crash of a Boeing 737 Max 8 in Ethiopia has led to a worldwide fear of new cases, and the US manufacturer is in big trouble. After the almost worldwide prohibition of the Boeing has suspended group, the delivery of all machines of this type. The two flight recorders of the crashed Ethiopian Airlines plane have now arrived in France. There will be experts from the French aviation authority is investigating. For Boeing, the decommissioning of the fleet is a debacle. The share price has slumped drastically, it demands for Compensation from Airlines, the swipe now, flights or other machines must Charter threaten. The star spoke with the air travel expert Thomas M. Friesacher about the consequences of the Boeing-crisis for international air travel.

Mr Friesacher, Boeing must almost his entire fleet of the type 737 Max on the ground. You can estimate the consequences of the almost worldwide prohibition of a highly doped group such as Boeing?

Thomas M. Friesacher: the Boeing device, of course, under massive pressure to act. I assume that you will look at the approval processes. But the product is dead, I think. It was over decades a very good product. The measures to fix that, will last for sure for several months. But there is no long-term damage. The orders and the deliveries will be delayed, but the market for long-haul flights is easy.

To the Person of Thomas M. Friesacher

Thomas M. Friesacher is an active Pilot, and a freelance reviewer for aircraft accidents. Friesacher advises as an external expert for aviation and aviation safety the European aviation safety Agency “EASA” as well as the European Commission and teaches at the FH Salzburg.

The modern technology to make flying safer, but the effect is sometimes exactly the opposite. What is the difficulty a flight Software, the pass is no error?

I do not think that the automatic trim system MCAS, in itself, is a Problem, but the interface human-Computer – and especially the training with the System. That is: what is the reaction of man to error in the System? An aircraft is no longer controlled via the control ropes and the like, but on computer signals, for years Standard. Boeing is not gone even as far as Airbus. An Airbus you can’t tilt today, for example, about 33 degrees, because the System says it’s not a normal flight condition. Airbus is in terms of technology, much more. The Airbus is a European, a madly technocratic plane.

In contrast to Boeing?

Boeing had a different view. There, it was always important that the human being can turn off everything to be able to fly. This is the case of Airbus, of course, also possible, just reduced. It is also a cultural question of how to build a plane. These are the two thought worlds that collide here with each other. But Boeing can’t close the computer age. Now the MCAS System was installed. And since we’re talking about the Problem of the interface between man and technology. You can not say that technology is the Problem. Man is the Problem, because he can’t handle it.

Two crashes in five months

Boeing 737 Max: it is intended to prevent the controversial trim system used on yourself


is Currently playing, apparently, a Software Update to the onboard computer, the more accidents. Had Boeing not to react after the first misfortune in the past year, with such a measure?

This is quite normal. A new Software is loaded on the on-Board computer, is a very regular process. Everything has to be certified and with the authority, tested, and evaluated to be simulated. I would see no connection.

Meanwhile, a fundamental debate about technology has been used. Do you think that pilots need to be better trained so they can act in case of a technical failure, right?

I think we have a very safe and good System of training. The safe operation of aircraft and the minimum legal requirements are met in Europe. Well-known airlines have Trainings and trainings, which go far beyond the minimum legal requirements.

How does the cost pressure on airlines is a role for the security?

If you buy a cheap flight ticket, you get maybe only a corresponding service. This does not mean that the statutory minimum requirements are not met. Only everything that goes in addition to this, also costs more. It must also be earned. This “greed is good”mentality, too, has a limit. Everyone screams out loud when something happens, but in the end, only a few are willing to put the money in a high-quality System to Deposit. With a market as in Europe, where it comes through the vagaries of the weather and similar failures, many companies quickly went bankrupt. Overall, you have to ask yourself, what is the air travel value. I want a Full liberalization and a free market? You see, this causes problems. At the end will be saved.

start prohibition imposed

US aviation authority sees references to Similarities in the case of crash of the Boeing 737 Max

Volker king krämer

The Indonesian Lion Air whose Boeing crashed 737 Max in October, is considering switching to Airbus. That is an understandable step?

I don’t think a plane is better or worse. These are all market-ready products. It will make no difference whether you plane will fly an Airbus or a Boeing. The difference is the people and the quality of the training. The most important safety factor is still the man. You have to train, train, him, decent working conditions, the right to have sick, don’t fly. The already mentioned “greed is good”mentality counteracts the.

According to media reports, have complained to the pilot through the manual for the 737. It is was “almost criminally inadequate”. Are hand-designed books for aircraft too complex?

The standardized manuals. These manuals do not match the producer, on the flight line. The manual must also be approved. Natof course, it must be checked whether the crucial content clearly explained. I want to operate a plane in Germany, it needs a European approval of the EASA. In the case of a certified aircraft, I assume that the relevant content was conveyed in the manual is sufficient. If a Pilot feels ill-formed, then it is up to him to operate the plane with his half-knowledge. This also belongs to the responsibility of a pilot. I can’t put me as a Pilot in a plane, if I know how it works. I find that strange.

Back to the roots, or even more technology, where the Trend in air travel?

It will definitely need to go in the direction of Autonomous flight. You will take a look at the extent to which people are willing, if there is no Pilot sitting in the Cockpit. This will also depend on whether it comes to a crash. But in principle, it is more in the computer cockpit is supported to go to work. Two pilots in the Cockpit seats today. There are scientific developments that want to reduce it to a pilot. I’m still happy that two pilots are in the Cockpit. The man has only a limited absorption capacity. And the interface Computer-human is always the factor where it begins to falter in doubt. If these Computer systems fail, only a human is intellectually able to restore the System.