there are Now almost three weeks. Three weeks, the disappeared, the 15-year-old Rebecca from Berlin. Three weeks, in which the hope is always low, to find you alive. Three weeks, in which the role of the brother-in-law of the girl in the missing person’s case is unclear.

On Friday moved the Berlin police in search of the girl to a wooded area in Storkow, in Brandenburg, Southeast of Berlin, on Thursday by officials searched the grounds. “Where you had to yesterday because of the darkness, stop, and again today,” said a spokeswoman for the police.

police searched again in the forest area

once Again, the murder Commission has requested hundreds of riot police to support. With sticks and shovels, the police officers had walked in the search on Thursday through the forest. If, again, cadaver dogs and a helicopter are used, not first. Probably until the evening should be sought. “As long as it allow the visibility and weather conditions, is to continue the search.”

The criminal investigation is believed that Rebecca was killed. You want to find the body, in the investigations against the suspect’s brother-in-law of the girl.

The forest in Storkow is not the only point that plays in the missing persons case of Rebecca, a role, also the highway 12 between Berlin and Frankfurt (Oder) is for the investigator to be of high relevance: the suspect brother-in-law of the student according to their Disappear with his car on the road. The police asks for witnesses, information about the journeys of a man can make to register: by telephone on (030) 4664-911333 or by E-Mail.

these are the most important places in the case of Rebecca: the house in the Maurerweg in Berlin-Britz: Here stayed Rebecca the night before her Disappearance on may 18. February with her oldest sister and in the meantime, suspects man. The investigators assume now that the student has not left the house alive. On several occasions, officials of the track were backup. the Walter-Gropius-school: Here was on 18. January, at 9.50 am at the beginning of class for Rebecca, she no longer came this Morning in the school. It is located about half an hour by foot or approximately 15 minutes by Bus from the house of Rebecca’s sister and her husband. Fullscreen

What happened on the Morning of the 18. January in the house in the Berlin Maurerweg?

©Bernd von Jutrczenka / DPA, Screenshot / Google Maps highway 12 Here, the now in custody sedentary brother-in-law of Rebecca, with its raspberry red Renault Twingo should have been at least two Times between Berlin and Frankfurt (Oder) on the road, according to investigators of the Berlin homicide. On Monday, the 18. February, at 10: 47 – so shortly after the Disappearance of the young people – and on the following day, Tuesday, the 19. February 2019 to 22.39 PM. The car had been covered by a traffic monitoring system at these times. According to media reports, it is the automatic number plate recognition system of the Brandenburg police in the driveway Friedersdorf. In which direction the Suspect was traveling, not shared with the investigator. “According to the current investigation, only the 27-year-old brother-in-law had at these times access to this Car”, according to police. An explanation for the trips have not delivered the Suspect. The father of Rebecca, made in a television interview, a mysterious intimation to the tours. (Read this in the star: “Rebecca’s father is expressed in the TV and makes an enigmatic hint”) the forest in Storkow: Here starts the police on 7. In March a large-scale, seven-hour search operation with hundreds of riot police, dogs and helicopters. On 8. March was continued the search. The officials were investigated by a note, police said. The forest area is located in the South-East of Berlin, about 30 kilometers away from the house, Rebecca’s sister and brother-in-law. From the car tram friedersdorf bear, it is just 15 minutes by car to the search area. Fullscreen

The search of the police in a forest in Brandenburg Storkow remained so far without result.

©Patrick Pleul / DPA, Screenshot / Google Maps

Here’s the mug calling the Berlin police.

read more about the case of Rebecca:”For the investigation disturbing”: Prosecutor blames the family of Rebecca Reusch new search operations in the case of Rebecca, the police now has around 700 note call in “aktenzeichen XY”: The most important statements of the chief investigator, on the case of Rebecca investigators believe the Missing Rebecca has not lead to leave the house of her brother-in-law this car, and the fleece blanket to the missing Rebecca?Family of missing Rebecca is not giving up – neither the hope nor the cohesion, suspicion of manslaughter: brother-in-law of missing Rebecca in prison wue / DPA-Material