On a morning last week, as the members of the British house of Commons, in the absence of enjoyable features that the from the ceiling, trickling water in the dilapidated Palace of Westminster only water and not, well, the contents from a septic tank; this morning, as Theresa May asks once again, a Brexit-renewal and the political battle of attrition is raging now until at least October, this morning so it is just a few kilometres away, the woman who triggered the Chaos to a certain extent. And, it has to be said, to the best of our Knowledge and belief and in the firm Belief that you give the democracy a great service.

And in theory, it was true. But In practice … see above.

Gina Miller in the Shitstorm

This woman is called Gina Miller is 53 years old and according to the list: activist, feminist, lawyer, Fund Manager, mother, wife, author, and operator of various campaign platforms, one of which bears the attractive title, “End the chaos”. Famous, but mostly because she was regarded as one of the most hated women in Britain after they had sought in the autumn of 2016 a lawsuit against the government. It was in the core of the matter is that the withdrawal agreement with the European Union must be submitted to the Parliament. May had relied on a medieval end of the decree, and the paper stickum to cheat under the house. “You would have,” says Miller in a bright meeting room, “created a precedent and the law.” She was surprised at the time that there was no riot. Not even the politicians, the rings due to the judgment now every Iota, stir. Instead, the great Silence.


In January 2017, the Supreme court decided in the sense, Gina Miller

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What has changed dramatically, as Miller in this vacuum thrust, and by the Supreme court in January of 2017, right got. She moved, however, in which Believe in this fight, other would you support, academics, scientists, business people. “As a conference, the first question, and then the fingers are going up everywhere.” That’s what she thought. And thought wrong. She stood there alone and in the midst of a massive Shitstorm as a woman, the wool prevent the Brexit. That was not true, because Miller – although Proeuropäerin – not more, not less, just wanted to that the democratic rules are adhered to. But such subtleties are gone with the wind in troubled times. The “Daily Mail” published a photo of the judge with a headline that resulted in worldwide headlines: “Enemies of the People”, enemies of the people.

A completely neurotic country

the Supreme enemy of the people, henceforth: Gina Miller. Either as a “Nigger”, “whore”, “monkey” insults, the death threats received thousands of Mails and letters of the content, you may rape them and heads or shoot them. Once an envelope with poison was in the Post, and even aristocrats stirred the scum. Rhodri Philipps, the fourth Voscount of St Davids, praised on Facebook a premium of £ 5,000 for those, the Miller would “accidentally run over“. Your life and that of your family has turned since then to 180 degrees, they live under protection, she is listed as a precaution in any public database, and you wanted to spice it up a few weeks ago, your Smartphone contract, you had to find that “I exist officially”.


Under Brexit supporters is not Miller very probably suffered

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Now this Gina Miller for someone who doesn’t exist is still loud, and still asking the tough questions. This Morning she told me that the last time it was worse again with the threats; “we know where your children go to school, and you will get us”. What is probably also due to the fact that the whole country is in a neurotic stage.

Miller can be the judge of that in this respect, because it is as an activist constantly on the road and feels that “the Level of frustration, anger, disappointment with politics is rising everywhere”. She says: “The people want that it is with this Brexit finally over. But outside of London is over: No Deal.” What this does not mean, in turn, for the economy and the people, namely, a disaster, the land of the people. “The politicians have not explained to you. This should have come earlier. Now it is too late. It falls on deaf ears.” It keeps the frustration is quite understandable. Is even frustrated by the fact that the Parliament of Westminster is made a laughingstock and the reputation of the Nation has damaged. The day before, they met in Luxembourg, a diplomat described the Kingdom as a “hopeless case”. “So talk about us, about the mother of democracy. I would never have imagined it.”

Miller, you must know, had in favour of a second Referendum, she appeared in the television, Radio and panel discussions. But now she says, somewhat surprisingly, a second vote in the near future would be a mistake, too much hate and anger and mistrust, lying about your country, “the Pandora’s box is open, and there are things to be said, the man had earlier not even whispered”. In front of the Parliament on the right, a Mob gathered, members will bepöbelt and threatened with death. This is the UK three years after the Referendum. Unforgiving with yourself not in the clear. And in this climate, a new vote? “It would be only destructive.” The Nation had to come to their Senses, they need time and space and peace and quiet. It sounds like you are talking about a convalescent, the English Patient as a real Drama.


For the Brexit-Chaos in Westminster could Gina Miller tells is truly nothing


Recently, Miller, during her phone buzzing on the table constantly, have you met an old lady in Wales. The woman had voted out of fear of being overrun by foreigners for Leave. She now regrets, and would not revise it but also exhausted because. The lady spoke, she was worried but could not say precisely what. “This,” says Miller, “sums up our Status quo quite well.”

Late happiness

you are experienced in these and similar situations, far and wide, in the liberal London as in the Leave-strongholds in and around Sunderland, where she was roared on stage first, “immigrant!”, that sounded for a while, before she turned to the Auditorium. “You can roar either an hour, or we can talk. I’m not going.” Then she said two things: “Sorry that you feel that nobody is taking care of you.” And: “Thank you for pointing out many things that are going wrong. If your the nicht had done, we would not have to look still.” The mood changed abruptly, and they had then actually have a dialogue. “That’s not the crux of the problem,” says Miller, “we are always listening.” Which is why the gap will become increasingly larger, and the lack of understanding about the political caste, and it would probably happen again, it would re-tuned, “they are the same voices, the same ego”, only even louder than before three years. In one word: “Depressing.”

And while Miller in a very impressive speed talks and talks and questions already answered, even before the are even formulated to the end, your phone rings. Their oldest daughter, Lucy-Ann is off today, 30, mentally, but on the level of a six-year-old and a reminder that the life of this strong and seemingly unshakable Gina Miller was anything but linear. It is full of fractures and injuries, physical as well as mental. It is not only since the hatred of the recent past.

Born in the South American country of Guyana, the daughter of a chief public Prosecutor and the convinced socialists; Fidel Castro was a guest in the home, and in the evening, debated with the men on socialism and smoked a cigar, “the smell I will never forget”. With eleven years of the parents together with the bigger brother to England to boarding school than at home, was the political Situation dangerous. As a child of classmates being bullied. She mastered the school for later life. She studied law and later Marketing. Twice unhappily married, the first marriage is the love is easy, the second one ends in violence, and ultimately escape. She pulls the lack of oxygen at birth, the mentally disabled daughter Lucy-Ann on her own, sleeping sometimes in the car, works part-time as a waitress, modeled a little, because she is beautiful. Discovered late happiness but only in the beginning of this century, as she learns her third husband, Alan Miller know in the City of London the nickname Mr Hedge Fund.


The rough past you’ve steeled, says Miller. You would all do it again, again to complain, after all it was not policy, but law. “I’m not going to stop being uncomfortable.” Don’t want to exclude to go in the medium term in the policy, which wafts a long time as a rumor by London. But in any case, in the short term, not now. Now Brexit, “and I don’t want to jump into a poisoned fountain”. Eventually, the water in this fountain is also again clean and the atmosphere is not as toxic. Miller is, after all, but optimistic that time will heal, and the boy, “it’s all a question of demographics”, and you can finally re-focus on the Essentials: education, housing, health, political core business. So if the country is no longer so neurotic and in the sense of the word teeth gnashing. She has since read a study of dentists, what gnashing of teeth among the British massively increased, a classic symptom of Stress, in times of Brexits. “Time,” she says at the end, “we need time.” And when the is ripe, who knows, you might be in the policy. Maybe, but maybe not.

By Gina Miller will definitely continue to be heard. One way or the other.

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Teodora Torrendo is an investigative journalist and is a correspondent for European Union. She is based in Zurich in Switzerland and her field of work include covering human rights violations which take place in the various countries in and outside Europe. She also reports about the political situation in European Union. She has worked with some reputed companies in Europe and is currently contributing to USA News as a freelance journalist. As someone who has a Masters’ degree in Human Rights she also delivers lectures on Intercultural Management to students of Human Rights. She is also an authority on the Arab world politics and their diversity.


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