A cassowary has been killed in the US, its owner. The report, among other things, the “Miami Herald”, ABC News, and the BBC. Accordingly, the 75-year-old man fell on Friday, as he was in the enclosure of the great running bird. Then the animal have to fall to him and so severely injured that he died a little later in the hospital. According to the Reports, the rescuers believe that the cassowary has hurt the man with one of his long claws so hard.

The animals Emus are similar and can be up to 1.70 meters tall and 60 kilograms heavy. According to the San Diego zoo Cassowaries are “rightly considered the most dangerous birds in the world”. You have very strong legs, with which you can quickly stand up to run but also hard. Particular hazard of your feet. In one of the three toes on each page, the animals have an up to ten-centimeter-long dagger-like claw. If you feel threatened, you attack your opponent often with both feet at the same time.

now in Florida killed a man breeds the according to media reports for decades, exotic animals on his property, including llamas. The bird, wounded him mortally, remains according to the BBC, on the property in the case of the partner of the deceased. The police want to do, therefore, still further investigation, however, a tragic accident.

Cassowaries: Dangerous but actually shy

especially in new Guinea and Australia living Cassowaries live very withdrawn and remote in the rule of people. The animals are threatened with extinction. From time to time, however, it comes to attacks on people, which is not uncommon with severe injuries. The only documented case of death up to this weekend, dated from the year 1926. At that time two Australian brothers, 16 and 13 years old should have attacked, a cassowary with a stick. As the older brother went to the ground, have him jump to the animal and with the claw of his carotid artery injured. The 16-Year-old had got up and fled, a little later, however, collapsed, and died.

sources: the “Miami Herald”, ABC News, BBC, Pickle, San Diego Zoo