The Brexit comes, as most observers are safe. Only when that is now unclear. Actually, the UK wanted the European Union on 29. March left, so in about two weeks. However, after the British had voted in favour of the lower house on Wednesday against leaving the EU without agreement, the fractious MPs in Westminster this Thursday ran again to decide on a possible postponement of the Brexit. After the presentation of the head of government Theresa May the MP to choose between a short and a long postponement of the EU-exit. In the decision on an extension of the origin of a new wave of Chaos could be and the may coat-of-arms on Europe switch.

Only in Europe vote – and then Brexit?

it Went so far, especially about whether or not the UK leaves the EU, with or without agreement, indented, in the meantime, another theme in the foreground: With a shift of the Brexit scenario is more likely that the British will participate in the European elections or the government in London is at least kind of clear about in what way you will send deputies to the people’s representatives to Strasbourg. Probably May, your allies and your opponents break up currently about all the Possible head – of the impact of Brexit on jobs to Northern Ireland-border issue – but less determined about the election campaign for the EU Parliament.

But you should do may be slow, because the choice of the countries in the EU-member 23. up to the 26. In may, in Germany the citizens are going to take place, for example, on 26. May the polls be called. For the British, the question is: Are you still a member of the EU? May might want to move the Brexit by about three months. This would be so until the end of June.

But even this short delay of the exit would collide with the European elections end of may. So quoted, the “world” and “” recently, from a confidential report of the Europe Department of the German Bundestag, where explicit prior legal problems was warned: Because, strictly speaking, the British would have to participate in the European elections, if they are at the time of the European elections, a member of the Union. Otherwise, the “active and passive right to vote, the British state would have violated national and other EU citizens in the UK”, analyses “”. To The citizens: – even those from other EU countries living in the UK could legally take action against it, you will not be able to participate in the United Kingdom in the European elections. The EU Commission could initiate an infringement procedure against the British and the European court of justice should decide in advance whether the participation of great Britain in the European elections at all legally permitted.

Selects the UK could be the the whole of the EU damage

Should be the British at the end of may continues in the EU, but no European elections, the situation also for the Rest of Europe even more tricky than it is because of the Brexit discussion already: Any EU-law could be challenged because it was adopted from a not quite sure the assembled Parliament, in the analysis of the “” the Respondent most recently, experts on the subject. The political legitimacy of the people’s representation would be challenged, its acceptance could fall. Not a nice idea at a time, in Europe, in Parts of the population of the member countries is already an unpopular subject.

Some observers held the view that London is very well-also without the choice of members of Parliament and for a certain period of time to Strasbourg, could send the inaugural meeting will take place on 2. July. Similar was after the reunification of Germany or to the EU-accession of Austria happened. However, this proposal is one reads only occasionally in the many-voiced Brexit debate, and it is unclear whether this Option is legally watertight. At least, it would have to be a precisely defined temporal Plan for the Brexit. And the deadline for the outlet should not be longer than a few months.

But a – reasonable – a roadmap for Brexit in the near term at all likely? I have to say no. Probably is that the British request an extension of the two-year withdrawal period. This would have to agree to the 27 remaining EU member States unanimously.

to exit the EU

defeat for May: lower house granted Brexit Deal again cancellation

EU deputies on call

if one Takes an optimistic scenario – the deadline will be extended by a few months, but the outlet gets a firm timetable is also the question of the European choice easier: The British could, of course, the opinion of several experts, quite participate in the vote, its 73 MEPs to the Parliament to send to Strasbourg and sorted later from the EU eliminated: A part of the British seats would be distributed to other member States, and the Rest as a Reserve for the accession of new member States. Something absurd the idea seems to be that London’s Deputy “on call” to Strasbourg. How should they decide this to the benefit of the EU, if you need to go back soon again soon on your island?

but at least after a reasonable temporal sequence. Only reason it is currently the last thing in the Brexit debate.

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