The lawyer of Donald Trump and former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, wants to have ruled out collusion between the campaign team of President of the US and Russia never. “I never said that there was no collusion between the campaign, or people in the campaign [and Russia],” claimed Giuliani on Wednesday in the U.S. news channel CNN. He had only said that Trump himself had not been involved. And even the President himself did not claim, no one from his campaign team had agreed secretly with the Russians, but only that he himself would not have done this.

Donald Trump wrote dozens of times: “no collusion”

CNN host Chris Cuomo was visibly taken aback, seemed to be able to hardly believe what had been told Guiliani in the heated Interview, and objected to this vehemently: Both the lawyer as well as Trump would have denied any collusion with the Russians, said Cuomo.

Indeed, Trump has claimed dozens of times via Twitter that there had been “no collusion” and the accusations as a “total fraud” and a “witch-hunt” means:

“[…] The Trump campaign has done nothing wrong. No collusion!”

“Russian, in agreement with the Trump campaign, one of the most successful in history, is a TOTAL FRAUD. […] Witch-hunt. Shameful!”

“Democrats no impact can find evidence that connects the Trump campaign with Russia […]. No shock proof … No collusion.” @FoxNews This is due to the fact that there was NO COLLUSION.”

And in December 2017, Trump said to reporters outside the White house, that there was “absolutely no collusion, that’s been proved”.

Also Guiliani had represented this Position to date. Yet last July he had been Fox-News-editor Guy Benson asked: “Regardless of whether collusion would be a crime, is it still your Position and that of your clients, that there was no collusion of any kind with the Russians on behalf of the Trump campaign?”

“Correct,” said Giuliani at the time.

After the Interview, a storm broke on Twitter, as the Washington Post reported. “Giuliani added that trump’s campaign has made secret agreements? […] This was a further attempt by the Trump-Administration, their agreements-denials to mitigate?”

a number of Twitter commentators have accused the lawyer, according to the report to run once again the “goalpost-shifting”, described by the “Washington Post”journalist Aaron Blake as a “continuous dilution of previous denials, and raising the Standards for what would constitute an actual wrongdoing”.

Guiliani had earlier already repeatedly declared, collusion, were no crime.

CNN presenter Don Lemon commented on the statements of the former New York mayor, in his directly to the Interview and the subsequent broadcast with the words:

“man, that Rudy Giuliani has about myself tonight-Giulianied.”

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NBC’s “Meet the Press”

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