In the affair of the exploding costs in the rehabilitation of the ailing sailing school ship “Gorch Fock” has served in the Ministry of defence, a media report says that error.

Although the tests have not yet been processed finally, allow the current state of knowledge “, already observed, that we share the vast majority of the representations of the Federal court of auditors as well as the recommendations follow the summary remarks”, quoted the “world” from an opinion of the Ministry to the Bundestag. This was, therefore, after an extensive review of internal audit.

The Federal court of auditors had made to the beginning of the year also of the year-long failures in the Bundeswehr and the Ministry of defence for the sharp increase in restructuring costs. The ship had been examined last 40 years, completely technically and documented. Before the repair, no adequate study of the cost-effectiveness. The Navy wanted to save the ship, obviously, in spite of the severe damage. The Work is also marred by suspicion of corruption.

according to The report, the Ministry announced: “The Ministerial supervision of feasibility studies” will be strengthened and “in a stand-alone organization element shown”. In addition, a quality assurance’m going to create a concept that will serve the internal Monitoring of cost-effectiveness studies. More should in the future be determined to be a full damage before the maintenance begins.

The cost for the renovation of the three-masted sailing ship of goods has skyrocketed over the years rapidly. Originally 10 million euros were earmarked, then it was increased to 75 million, meanwhile, the estimated cost has risen to up to 135 million euros.