defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) visited in the morning the airbase in Wunstorf near Hannover. There, you want to be informed about the progress in delivery of the A400M military Transporter.

According to the air force have been delivered so far 25 out of the 50 new machines to the troops. The A400M is regarded as the most modern military Transporter in the world, in the completion, however, there was a year-long delays. The delivery of the Airbus aircraft has been repeatedly delayed, the cost increased compared with the original estimate of the sum according to the latest data by at least 1.5 billion euros. Wunstorf is the only A400M location.

The machine can now also be used as a flying gas station for the refueling of other aircraft. One of the planes is ready as a flying intensive care unit: In case of an emergency, it may be within twelve hours to the medical aircraft and rebuilt in a crisis area to start. The last was flown according to the air force on the first day of Christmas, a Hungarian soldier from Afghanistan to Budapest.