The towns were to terrorism risks, in the opinion of the schleswig-Holstein Minister for the interior Hans-Joachim Grote (CDU), also with the help of skilful city planning to contain.

“at least since the Breitscheidplatz everyone knows that festivals are threatened by a new type of weapon, by car, by Truck,” said the Chairman of the conference of interior Ministers of the German press Agency. The cities should be motivated to secure their places – “with a city wall or a city wall, perhaps also with the nature of the buildings around the square,” says Grote.

In December 2016, controlled by the Islamist anise Amri a truck in the Christmas market on Berlin’s Breitscheidplatz and killed twelve people. Also in nice, London and Barcelona, there were attacks with cars against people. “This is not a seasonal phenomenon,” said Grote. Necessary durable solutions. In some places, it would fall to the city of festivals into the water, because the safety requirements were priceless.

“in smaller cities, festivals are protected now by garbage, with Sand-Laden Trucks supposedly. But the place and the character of the Feast no longer,” said the CDU politician. As Chairman of the conference of the Länder interior Ministers, he would suggest that funding be provided for the promotion of urban development or the village renewal for the transformation of places.

“it is So sad that we have to shut ourselves off a bit,” said grote. “A few hundred years ago access to these Central places was not as easy as it is today, there were only a few narrow streets.” Retractable bollards, which are also maintenance-intensive, for it is not a permanent solution.

smaller places would communicate more to a Central space, said Grote. “As macabre as it sounds: We don’t have to do it today with robber barons, but with people significantly worse projects.”