The book of the puncture around the exit of Britain from the European Union has a new amusing Chapter. As in the autumn of 2018, it was announced, was Finance Minister Philip Hammond in the Royal coin, Royal Mint mint produce a coin to commemorate the Brexit. Actually a good Plan – were it not for the political circus that has been happening for a few months between London and Brussels. The planned leaving date, the 29. March, is now noted on the coin – in the reality of a Brexit, however, is still in the distance.

Malicious comments, Hammond remains cool

According to snappy the British tabloid Newspapers commented on the gaffe. An “embarrassment for the Finance Ministry” called “The Sun”, the false coinage of the heptagonal 50-Pence coin. A few months ago the same paper had celebrated the piece of Money as a “boost for the Brexit”.

debate in the British Parliament

For the Prime Minister, May a destiny week is looming in the Brexit-argument


politicians from the opposition Labour party were malicious comments help. “This is what the Finance Minister means when he says we win back with the Brexit, the control over our money?”, the MPs Mary Creagh asks. The was one of Hammond countered left. “These coins have a large collector value.” So he is likely right. Unless the already produced copies need to be re-melted.

Brexit-breakdown: Queen grabs the head

In the network, the British make their way on the coin with the erroneous Brexit-date funny. In the short message service Twitter, you post a series of your own creations to the money piece. Among other things, a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, the Hand in front of his face holding disbelief.

Finance Minister Hammond announced, in the meantime, a coin with the correct Leaving date. Depending on the situation, collectors have to wait until then, but a little. Because the Prime Minister Theresa May is fighting the Parliament is still a question of when Britain will leave the EU now, actually. Just last week, the EU, the British government granted a postponement until the 22. May. So fast as in the autumn of 2018 Hammond will have the Machines this Time, but probably not start.

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