17 gruesome minutes of the Video, Brenton T. on his Facebook page, live streaming. It shows the 28-year-old Australian, as he executes in the new Zealand city of Christchurch faithful Muslims at Friday prayers literally. Time he fires the car with loud music from a small, sometimes he draws with multiple semi-automatic rifles through one of the houses of God. He kills indiscriminately anyone who gets in front of the barrel.

at Least 49 people lose their lives, marriage, T., the police detained. Again, just as many are injured. It quickly becomes clear what drove the man to his Madness, as he himself has stated in a 74-page Manifesto, and who he is, what drives him and why he decided to shoot defenseless people. The star of the Pamphlet.

T. describes it as a “normal white man” from a “low income family” with Scottish, Irish and English ancestors. In education he had never had a great interest in, and so just by the school, cheating. With investment in a crypto-currency he gained as a young adult some money and travelled a long time through the world. France, Spain, Portugal, Iceland, Poland, Argentina and Ukraine, he wants to have, among other things, visited. His views that he had developed through Internet searches, “because you won’t find anywhere else is the truth”.

The question of his Motivation for the horrific mosque bombing, one has to ask not for long, he describes it openly and directly. In his craziness in this world, he sees himself surrounded by Muslim “invaders”, which would lead to a high birth rate “war” against his “race”. In addition, he wanted revenge for attacks by Islamic extremists, especially in Europe. He speaks constantly of Europe and see whether or not his ancestors as quasi-Europeans.

Brenton T. wanted to “atmosphere of fear” does not create

the question of whether the act was a terrorist attack, because T. also answered in his Pamphlet already. “An atmosphere of fear,” he wanted to create with his attack, he says, and calls for the Definition of terrorism. In addition, he wanted to provoke a “response” and the “conflict heating up”. According to his crude vision of the world he is not a Terrorist, but merely a “Partisan” and says, to fight against a “an occupying power”. Therefore, he will call after his arrest to “not guilty”.

terror attack in new Zealand

people shot at close: What about the massacre of Christchurch known


his death, he takes photographs, although survival of “the better Alternative”. He also reveals that he had taken in addition to the two attacked mosques, a third eye. Therefore, he wanted to attack a former Church, today a mosque, in about an hour’s drive away, and Ashburton, this was only a “bonus goal”. Fortunately, the police caught him before he could accomplish this.

On countless other pages he spread his sick ideology, and describes itself as racists and fascists, the protection of the environment sun in the heart. The Norwegian right-wing terrorist Anders Breivik, killed eight years ago, 77 people he names as one of his main sources of inspiration. As well as Breivik in his Manifesto, interviewed T. over long distances. The country reflected his political views most closely, the people’s Republic of China. U.S. President Donald Trump, he is admired as a Symbol of the renewed white identity. “But as a politician and a leader? You, dear God, no.”

perpetrators mentioned new year’s eve night, and Merkel

Germany is in his Manifesto. He refers to the justification about the new year’s eve night of Cologne in 2015, and speaks openly of it, German Chancellor Angela Merkel to kill. She was “very top” of his list of well-known people who should be killed in his eyes.

At one point he describes how he expect to receive one day the Nobel peace prize, because he “used the name of Nelson Mandela” for his “race” and therefore free will is left when his “side” had won.

Terror in new Zealand

politicians after the attack: “Our values can not be shaken by this attack,”

Despite the last example, his Manifesto doesn’t look like a jumbled, chaotic transcript, a mentally unstable or criminally insane or something like people. T. shows his completely crude, empathy, loose and deeply racist view of humanity and the world. The inflammatory pamphlet itself, however, is clearly structured, relatively bug-free, and eloquently phrased. He repeats himself constantly, or strings together indiscriminately insults. Again and again, it builds in even Witticisms or ironic passages. For a racist mass murderer, he openly shows also unusually world, speaks of his numerous journeys, and how friendly the people were everywhere met. You should stay only “in their countries”.

In new Zealand, Muslims are a small minority. Approximately 50,000 of the nearly five million inhabitants to hang Islam.