The Bundestag extended the mandate for the deployment of German soldiers in Afghanistan for another year. A majority of deputies voted in Berlin, the mandate is practically unchanged up to 31. March 2020 to continue.

The German armed forces can use in order for the Nato mission “Resolute Support” up to 1300 soldiers. The insert is the support and training of Afghan security forces. Currently, about 1,200 German soldiers are in Afghanistan. Reports of a possible US-part deduction had pushed the allies, least of all in front of the head.

The Union politician Johann David Wadephul (CDU/CSU) said, the extension of the security and political reliability of Germany. The SPD politician Fritz rims, warned the faithful, a complete withdrawal of the Americans, but also already a part of the deduction, could have the consequence that the German armed forces must return. He pleaded for a continuation of the use.

the Opposition came from the FDP approval for the use. In contrast, a politician favoured by the left and the AfD for the end. The Green foreign politician Omid Nouripour, called for an evaluation of the Afghanistan mission, the successes and shortcomings overall.

According to Reports about a possible partial withdrawal of US troops, German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) had said in mid-February, in this case, Germany will review its own use in the country. The defence and the foreign Ministry of US had made it clear to the government that the presence of Germany and other Nations that do in the North of Afghanistan, your service, whether from the American commitment-dependent, she said. In the case of the operations in Afghanistan, there have been 58 dead German soldiers.

The Bundestag, the extension of the Mandate agreed for a further three assignments of one year each:

The Nato Mission “Sea Guardian” is used for the Monitoring of the Mediterranean with ships and aircraft. Currently, the use of group-contained “Bonn”, supports Operation with 180 soldiers. The personnel upper limit is 650 soldiers.

Unamid: the protection of The civilian population and humanitarian aid are at the heart of the UN Mission in Darfur. The mandate allows the use of up to 50 German soldiers.

Unmiss: Originated from the predecessor mission, Unmis, the Declaration of independence of South Sudan in 2011, and to support the peace process and protect civilians. It is up to 50 German soldiers can be used.