27 years Ago, Byson Kaula of the murder was found guilty. Death by hanging was the sentence. He himself has protested his innocence and has always been, the neighbors would have to accuse him out of envy, to injustice, to have a worker killed. At the time, he was just returned from South Africa in his homeland of Malawi, and had opened a small Farm, said Kaula of the BBC. He has five employees, and fruits, wheat, Maize, and cassava are grown. One day, however, neighbors had attacked one of his employees and seriously injured.

“Then began for me a sad time,” he says today. The man didn’t even go, he had to bring the injured to the toilet. He had slipped, and I left the man fall. His employee had been so badly injured that he later died in the hospital.

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Kaula, however, was accused of the murder. The court believed him and he was found guilty. To murder with the death penalty in the then-dictatorship in Malawi. Kaula was brought into the death row of the prison in Zomba, where he waited for his execution. “I had the feeling I would be dead already,” he says.

executioner from power after 18 executions in the evening

Two months endured Kaula in the cell. Then the executioner came. At that time there was in the area and only a single man who performed this work. A South African, the hinrichtete between the countries of the Region traveled and prisoners.

When he arrived in the prison of Zomba, came a guard to Kaula, and had informed him that his hour had come. “You can start with the Pray”, he said, recalls the 60-Year-old today. He was one of the 21 people that should be hanged on that day.

in order To 13 p.m., the execution began. A detainee after another was executed. However, after two hours, the executioner stopped his work, although on his death list were the names of three men. Among them also the of Kaula.

“He was the only person who could use this execution machine. And on this day, he said: ‘It is too much. I’ll be back next month.’ I can understand that,” said Kaula of the BBC.

Three execution dates survived

But at the next visit of the executioner, the same scenario played out. His second execution date survived Kaula, because the executioner was too tired to continue its work. As for the third appointment in which all of the other those sentenced to death were executed, which were on the list of the executioner. All Kaula.

A fourth date, it was not.


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After the introduction of democracy in Malawi in 1994, all executions set. The death penalty is imposed, but for 25 years no President has signed a death sentence.

The once-Condemned to death waiting tract mostly more in the death of Malawian prisons.

Free after 23 years,

Also Kaula thought he was going to stay until the end of his life in prison. To him a chance came to help. In a sensational precedent, the judge decided that in some murder cases, the deeds weigh heavier than others and are punished should be. The practice of mandatory death sentence for murder was repealed. 170 court proceedings had ended with a death penalty for murder, have been re-rolled.

According to the aid organisation “Reprieve” 139 the Convict left now free again. In half of the cases there had been a court file and that it was unclear why the people were once condemned.

Kaula was one of those Lucky ones. After 23 years in prison, he was again a free man. “It came to me, as I was in a dream”, he recalls the day, when the judge released him to freedom.

Today, he works as a Volunteer and supports former prisoners return to normal life. In addition, he teaches the prisoners and gives them courage: “I tell you that one day you will be free as I am,” he says in a Video on the platform, “The news market”.