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squirrel on Crystal Meth (16.25 PM)AfD-politician in the North-East to gun club with Shotguns belong to (16.14), Four charges of shooting down the MH17 flight (13.27 PM)implemented by France Ex-President Sarkozy must be because of bribery allegations before the court (13.15)Christine Lambrecht is new Jusitzministerin (12.44 p.m.)UN: notes on the responsibility of the Saudi crown Prince in the case of Khashoggi-murder (12.10 PM)Police determined to have been spoken after the death of a magician in India (10: 25), More than 70 million people on the run (7.04 PM)

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+++ 17.44 PM: First conviction for manufacture of shot gun with a 3D printer +++

Because he was made with a 3D printer is a gun, is a Student in London pleaded guilty. Before the court in London, the 26-Year-old confessed to having the gun built. To the police he had stated after his arrest that he had built the gun for a film project and not know that she was fully functional and, therefore, dangerous. The investigators assume that the you want to provided 26-Year-old with a steel tube to make the weapon fired. According to the police, it is the first guilty verdict in the case of a using a 3D printer-produced gun in the UK. The verdict is to be announced in August.

+++ 17.01 p.m.: a suspicious husband 23 years after the murder of a young woman in the state of Baden-Württemberg arrested +++

Approximately 23 years after the murder of a 22-year-old woman in Baden-Württemberg is the long been arrested under submerged suspect husband. As public Prosecutor’s office and police said on Wednesday in Offenburg, you had determined in November 2017 part face down against him. At this time, a visa application the German Consulate General in Izmir in Turkey, the authorities are again on the trail of the accused.

On Tuesday, the special forces took the now 48-fixed Year in Stuttgart. He confessed to the crime and was committed by a judge in a remand prison in. According to the investigators, the time of the crime, 25-year-old man in the 20th century. In June 1996, his wife stabbed to death in counter-Bach-Bermersbach. Allegedly it came to money. Then he sat down in Turkey, and dove down there.

+++ 16.22 PM: the case of Susanna: Ali b. according to reviewer personality disorder +++

The accused in the murder of Susanna, a severe personality disorder has, according to the assessment of a reviewer. Ali B. was only focused on his own needs and manipulated for other people, explained to the psychiatrist on Wednesday before the regional court of Wiesbaden.

the murder of The Mainz student, he was cool and businesslike, without any affectedness described. Regret, pity, or remorse, were not observed. “In his apology, I don’t see any full acceptance of responsibility,” said the reviewer. Instead of for what he did to stand up, do the Iraqi refugees of other people or circumstances are responsible for it. Specifically, it acknowledged him with an antisocial personality disorder with psychopathic traits.

Ali B., had confessed in court to the murder of 14-year-old Susanna, a rape he denied. At the start of the process of the 22 had said-Year-old, him had turned black before his eyes, he did not know how this could happen.

+++ 16.25 p.m.: squirrel on Crystal Meth +++

A man in the United States has fed a squirrel with Crystal Meth, in order to transform the rodent into a dangerous fight animal. The police in the state of Alabama reported thrust in a RAID in the apartment of the man in a cage-held animals, such as the local newspaper “The News Courier”, referring to the Sheriff’s office of the circuit Limestone.

officials released the squirrel in the freedom, since the regional laws of Alabama do not allow the keeping of found in nature to animals. The small rodent’s behaviour was not aggressive: “He ran into the forest, and has not attacked the police officers released him,” said police on Facebook.

among the effects of Crystal Meth in humans, it can be extremely aggressive and violent. In the apartment of the squirrel-holder fitting the policemen took drugs and ammunition. The 35-year-old tenant, and not held at the time of the RAID on the apartment in the small town of Athens, according to him, was more looking for.

+++ 16.14 PM: report: AfD-politician in the North-East club with Shotguns to protect members +++

Several of the AfD parliamentary deputies and local politicians from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern will be a report of the North German broadcasting (NDR), according to a shooting club is active in the so-called Shotguns is shot. One of the members of the Association, a sympathizer from the scene of the so-called Reich citizens, the NDR reported on Wednesday.

The Association with the name “Smoking Guns” was founded, therefore, in the fall of 2016, shortly after the entry of the AfD in the Schwerin state Parliament. At least three members, as well as several local politicians or group of employees of the AfD belong to, according to NDR. The AfD group in the state Parliament 13 members.

A member of the Association posted the report in the case of Facebook typical rich citizens content. The man spread contributions, in which he androhe enemies by force of arms, it said. The President of the Association explained to the NDR, however, he knows nothing of a Kingdom citizen in his club. According to NDR data, Vorpommern “Smoking Guns”, a member of the state sports Association of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.