After the attempted abduction of children in the Saxon Mülsen the police with a phantom image of the offender. As the officials said, could you make using the 13-year-old victim is a drawing of the man. The girl had on Thursday morning, from the violence of the Kidnappers to get free and fled.

According to the original press release from the police, the attempted abduction as follows to carry had, according to the 13-year-old girl had been from the Saxon Mülsen on the way to their school. Around 12,000 people live. At 6.30 am the Unknown I Packed them in a white van dragged. After a few minutes of travel he had stopped in a field and the teenage girl out of the car. Then, it has managed with Hitting and Kicking to get loose and flee. The girls have chosen the emergency, the man was incognito fled.

Mülsen: school principal writes letter to parents

Mülsen in Saxony

Unknown drags 13-Year-old on way to school in vans – girl’s escape

to succeed, According to police, the 13 was injured-Year-old lightweight, came with abrasions to the hospital, where they briefly and treated has been studied.

several media reports, wrote to the head of the school of the girl immediately sent a letter to all parents. In it, he warned, according to the “image” in front of the white, windowless VW-Kastenbus and asked the parents to be “very attentive” and to let the kids “as much as possible not alone the way to and from school”.

The police describes the Unknown as follows:

about 20 to 30 years altschlank, well-groomed Appearance shirt for about 170 to 175 centimeters tall with short blond hair, on the sides two to three millimeters clothed shaved off with a dark baseball cap with a Nike Symbol, an olive-green hood, a black Jogging pants and black Adidas sneakers with grey stripes Fullscreen ©police

According to the officials of the small saw Transporter as follows:

white paint, no stickers or inscriptions present a closed box with no Windows in the cargo area of two-winged rear door on the dirty loading area

The events have occurred according to the police, on the St. Jacober side street in the area of the house plot no. 37 in Mülsen, and later on in the surroundings of the albert height. To provide relevant information to the Zwickauer criminal investigation Department asks to call 0375 4284480 .

source: the police


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