It is probably the end of a manhunt that had held up in Canada for a week in suspense, The two because of three murders sought-after Teenager Came to McLeod and Breyer Schmegelsky appear to be dead. In the North of the province of Manitoba on Wednesday, two male bodies were discovered, such as the police spokeswoman Jane MacLatchy said. “We assume that it is the bodies of the two Suspects.”

pedophile Stephen N.

The gruesome murder of the 13-year-old Lucy McHugh

A post-mortem examination in the provincial capital of Winnipeg to ensure on Thursday for a certainty, as the Minister of public security, Ralph Goodale, said. This had previously completed written in the short message service Twitter: “The man is hunting.”

The case has international headlines: The canadian police have sought in the past few weeks, with a large contingent after the 19-year-old McLeod, and the 18-year-old Schmegelsky. The authorities used planes with thermal imaging cameras, dogs and drones.

manhunt ends in Manitoba

The two are suspected to have mid-July in the Western canadian province of British Columbia and a 23-year-old Australian tourist and his 24-year-old girlfriend from the USA shot. The bodies of Lucas Fowler and Chynna Deese were on the 15. July in the North of the province on a country road has been discovered.

a Suspected triple murder

“do not Approach them and immediately call 911” – Canada is looking for these teenagers

Of Rune Weichert

McLeod, and Schmegelsky should have killed also the 64-year-old botany Professor Leonard Dyck. Whose body was on 19. July, four days after the discovery of the bodies of Fowler and Deese, discovered.

The large-scale manhunt for the two suspected offenders ended in an inhospitable Region in the North of Manitoba, close to the town of Gillam. The police had discovered there last an empty aluminum boat and then “several objects” that were directly in connection to McLeod, and Schmegelsky.

escape of more than 3000 km

During their flight from British Columbia to Manitoba, the two Teenagers travelled more than 3000 kilometres. “That’s the equivalent of a trip from London to Moscow,” said the police officer Kevin Hackett on Wednesday.

the motive for the killings is currently completely unclear – and may never be solved. “It is extremely difficult, the motive for the murder to determine with certainty,” said Hackett. “We will not have the opportunity to interrogate the two Suspects.”

Breyer Schmegelskys father had said in an Interview, his son had never recovered from the divorce of the parents. He was on a “suicide Mission”.

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For children and young people, the number against sorrow from Monday to Saturday from 14 to 20 hours – the number 116 111 is.

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