In the debate on further measures for the protection of the health is to control, according to a survey, the great majority of German citizens for an end to tobacco advertising and higher tobacco. A complete ban on advertising in favour of 69 percent, the survey showed on behalf of the General Association of the German insurance industry. In contrast, 27 percent. A higher level of taxation welcomed even 75 percent, opposed to 23 percent expressed. Also in the case of alcohol, there is a majority for action.

2016 was approved the draft of a law was created but never

In the long-deadlocked debate about a ban on tobacco advertising, there has been movement areas. The professional politicians of the Union agreed that the existing restrictions should also be on outdoor advertising expanded. It is not to go to a flat ban. In the previous parliamentary term, a start was failed due to the opposition of the Union. The Cabinet agreed in 2016, a draft, a law resulting from this was never. Prohibited tobacco advertising on Radio and television, Newspapers and magazines.


discussion of cigarette advertising

the “Every cigarette is harmful, that is why we need a ban on tobacco advertising”

Of Eugen Epp

At the largest, the consent to a complete ban, according to the survey, now in the 18 – to 29-Year-old with 77 percent. Smaller it with 66 percent of respondents aged 45 or over. A complete prohibition finds in women (72 percent) greater support than men (66 percent) and also in non-smokers (72 per cent) than in smokers (59 percent), the survey showed. Were interviewed from the 4. to 8. February 1.003 people from the age of 18 years by the Institute Forsa.

SPD Deputy Karl Lauterbach said on Monday that his party wants to ban advertising for a long time, a tobacco, a fail, but always back to the CDU. “When the members of this house finally so far, the Survival of the children of today by environmental and consumer protection higher than the Lobby – and economic policy?”, he wrote on Twitter.

cigarettes Association… warns that complete prohibition would require a “disproportionate interference with fundamental rights”

other health experts for some time stricter advertising rules. The Federal drug Commissioner Marlene Mortler (CSU) argued that they could no longer hear the phrase, tobacco is legal, therefore, advertising should be allowed. 120,000 tobacco dead in a year, you could not lean back. The German cigarette Association warned, however, recently on the occasion of a hearing in the Bundestag, a complete ban would be to advertise a “disproportionate interference with fundamental rights” to freedom. Decisive for the smoke at the beginning, especially of Minors, the smoke is not behave in the circle of friends and family – the advertising of tobacco products.

An extension of Smoking bans to all public space, about Parks, streets and squares – according to the survey for the insurance industry, however, not a majority. For 42 percent of the respondents, 54 percent rejected it.

A majority of German citizens would welcome, therefore, but also a total ban of alcohol advertising. For 58 percent of the respondents, 36 per cent disagreed. A higher taxation of alcohol in favour of 59 per cent, 37 per cent are against it.

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